Fly-kicking good?! KFC Malaysia apologises after employees brawl in front of customers

KFC Malaysia has launched an investigation after a fist-fight broke out between employees in a branch of the restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. The fight, which happened directly in front of customers, was captured on camera and uploaded Facebook, where it has been shared and viewed thousands of times.

A video of the punch-up, which appears to show one member of staff verbally abusing another before a third employee dives in with a flying kick, was uploaded on January 17. KFC Malaysia was surprisingly quick to respond.

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Just a typical day in Australia watching kangaroos fight in the middle of the street

Move over cats–you’re not needed anymore. The internet’s got a new animal to obsess over–kangaroos!

You’ve probably never spent an entire afternoon watching YouTube videos of marsupials, but now’s the perfect time to start. What happens when two male kangaroos meet each other in the middle of the street in a typical suburban neighborhood? Keep reading after the jump to find out!

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Sad breakfasts the morning after a fight【Photos】

“Never let the sun set on an argument”, they say, but we’re all guilty of going to bed angry sometimes. And what if, on waking up the next morning, you want to show your loved one you’re still really, really mad… but you also need to ensure they go to work on a full stomach?

It’s this awkward situation that’s led to one unfortunate soul in Korea getting up the morning after an argument to find one of these hilariously miserable meals for one waiting on the breakfast table. Join us after the jump for breakfasts that say “I love you – but I hate you a little bit, too”.

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Out of control plane fight made even better with silly subtitles【Video】

As a spectator, fights are either hilarious in their absurdity or scary in a “omg, imma die!” sort of way. But we can’t really tell which realm this fight inside a plane belongs to. There are so many moving parts: an angry woman who’s not afraid to hit a man twice her size, her attack dog boyfriend whose choice of weapon seems to be a clip board, and several other passengers who step in because they just want to get on with the flight. To make matters even more confusing, someone has added ridiculous subtitles to the mix, making for one crazy video. Enjoy!

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Old-school fisticuffs on Shanghai subway 【Video】

Most of us go through life trying to avoid violence and confrontations, but sometimes for whatever reason the tension gets to be too much and fists start flying. Even those within eyeshot of a fight can’t help but watch the raw emotion expressed in acts of physical rage.

Thanks to the advent of phone cameras and the internet the truly surprising fights from around the world can now be witnesses from the comfort of our own homes. With that, we humbly share the video titled “Glorious fight on Shanghai Metro Line 2″, which features two men who should really know better going at it like a pair of angry idiots.

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Smackdown! Cat takes on banana peel in fight to the finish 【Video】

Dude, what’s that by your laptop!?
Hey whiskers, it’s just a banana peel.
Are you sure?
Of course, I just ate the damn thing.
I don’t know. I’m gonna check it out. Stay back and cover me.
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Last Samurai Caught on Video on a Train in Arizona, Rescues Passenger Being Beaten

On a late night light rail train in Phoenix, Arizona on what authorities believe to have been October 6, a man rescued another passenger from a fight by wielding his samurai sword towards the assailants.

The incident was caught on video and uploaded to YouTube.  None of the parties involved have been identified and the police are currently investigating.

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Fast Food Customer Service in Japan Vs. Fast Food Customers in America: Two Videos Spark Discussion on Japanese Net

The fast food experience in Japan is much different that it is in America.

In Japan, step into any fast food restaurant and you are treated with the kind of service you see in commercials. Polite and attentive staff work in seemingly perfect unison to get customers their meal as quickly as possible, all while maintaining a smile on their face.

In America, the reality isn’t so golden. Fast food staff are often uninspired and lack enthusiasm and, perhaps as one reason for that, the customers can be loud, obtrusive and sometimes even violent.

At least, this is the image people are getting from two YouTube videos that have been making the rounds in the Japanese net since this weekend.

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