Japanese publisher sparks backlash over plan to have anime voice actresses pose for bikini photos

Japan usually has no complaints about swimsuit modeling, but this time is a little different.

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Japanese shrine maidens in Osaka spotted wearing unusual costumes during winter

One shinto shrine is making news around Japan for dressing their miko in a garment many had never seen before.

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Nothing succeeds like excess, and for five decades now, Weekly Playboy has been a very successful magazine.

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Yamaha shows off their routers with sexy gravure-style calendar

“My packet switches bring all the boys to the yard…”

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Japan Self-Defense Force’s official magazine causes a stir for featuring gravure idols

For the past couple of years, Japan’s Self-Defense Forces have been put under the spotlight as politicians debate approving a re-interpretation of the country’s constitution, allowing the JSDF more freedom to take action should the need arise. The motion eventually passed last month, followed by a spectacle of chaos and outrage that became worldwide news.

But lately people have started talking about something else surprising: an official Self-Defense Force magazine catering to military enthusiasts and featuring gravure model spreads.
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There are many ways for an entertainer to show love to their fans: musicians might invite someone from the crowd onstage during a performance, actors might show up unannounced during events and be totally awesome.

When Japanese gravure idol Mao Harada reached 1000 followers on Twitter, she decided to pay tribute to her growing fanbase by “tweeting” to them using her half-naked body.

Now that’s meta.

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