Japanese hamburger chain replaces buns with beef patties for awesomely crazy sandwich

Mos Burger’s new Niku Niku Niku Burger actually shows some restraint in its name, but not its ingredients.

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Sliders come to Japanese fast food chain Lotteria, so of course we try them! [Pics]

Adorable mini-size hamburgers come to fast food chain Lotteria in three delightful flavors including their signature shrimp burger

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Japan’s new super-stretchy cheeseburger is exactly as advertised

The craziest hamburger chain in Japan is back to blow our minds and blow away our taste buds.

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Tokyo restaurant’s milkshakes are so huge they have donuts, churros in them

And yes, that is a milkshake with pretzels and potato chips.

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Restaurant turns Pikachu and other starter Pokémon into adorable Pokéburgers! 【Photos】

These Pocket Monsters look good enough to literally eat.

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We take on the “Giga Monster Burger” at Teddy’s Bigger Burger【Taste Test】

Two of our reporters try to tackle this 20-centimeter (8-inch) burger tower!

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Hawaiian burger restaurant in Japan offers up a 5-in-1 monster burger

Say “aloha” to this 1.8 kilo (4 lb) bad boy.

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Swanky Tokyo hotel’s 2.2-pound bacon cheeseburger has us wanting to book a room for the food coma

Some would say it’s wrong to go to a fancy steakhouse and order a burger. If so, then we don’t want to be right.

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Lotteria’s massive Burger with Everything on It dares Japan to ignore/finish it

Looks like the hamburger chain that craziness built wants its gigantic burger throne back.

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Japan’s MOS Burger replaces hamburger buns with lettuce for limited “Natsumi” range

With a choice of meat or soy patty fillings, vegetarians and meat lovers alike will fall in love this healthy fast food option.

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McDonald’s Japan is unleashing the Giga Big Mac, with 2.8 times the beef of a regular Big Mac

New sandwich is part beefy indulgence, part sandwich-based challenge.

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Carl’s Jr. Japan also has a breakfast menu, so of course we had to try it too【Taste Test】

Always hungry for more, we head back to the newly opened Carl’s Jr. in Tokyo to try the fast-food outlet’s morning menu.

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New Mos Burger restaurant serves alcohol, gourmet meals and a burger made from a whole tomato

Popular Japanese fast food chain Mos Burger has opened a new restaurant that serves gourmet meals, alcohol and a special vegetarian burger made from a whole tomato.

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Expats take note: California burger chain Carl’s Jr.’s first Japan location to open early next year

The legendary California burger joint says it will open its first Japan location in March 2016, to the delight of Tokyo expats and Japanese alike.

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Tokyo’s massive Monster Burger is the combining robot of hamburgers

With Halloween just around the corner, people across Japan are getting ready to transform into all manner of awesome creatures. As a matter of fact, even some restaurants are getting into the spirit with special Halloween menu items, and we found one that’s a genuine monster: Tokyo’s massive Monster Burger, which is actually five burgers combined as one!

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McDonald’s attempts to lure back customers with open kitchen concept in Japan

It’s no secret that McDonald’s Japan has been on a slippery slope following several food safety scandals in recent years. In 2014, the fast food giant reported its first annual loss in 11 years, which amounted to 21.84 billion yen (around US$176 million).

In an effort to restore trust and reaffirm their commitment to quality assurance, the fast food chain recently fitted out two stores in Japan with an “open kitchen” design, allowing customers to get an inside view of operations to see just how orders are made, from start to finish.

But will this be enough to bring customers back to the golden arches?

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McDonald’s opens fancy pop-up restaurant in Tokyo for one night only

Around the world, fast food chain McDonald’s prides itself on its trademark menu, designed to feed the needs of busy customers on the go.

For one night only, though, the giant company will slow down the pace by taking a step into luxury dining, with a special multi-course meal that includes a platter of patties, a vichyssoise made from French fries and a gelée made with McDonald’s vegetables.

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Gunma Prefecture automat diner serves surprisingly delicious hamburgers with a side of nostalgia

From corn soup to gold soda cans to stag beetles, you can find almost anything in vending machines situated on approximately every street corner in Japan. And not too long ago in Showa-era Japan, it was pretty common to see restaurants staffed entirely by vending machines serving bland, but hot food at an affordable price. Some savvy business owner decided to cash in on this nostalgia and recently opened up an automat diner where customers can relive a time when “dining out” meant putting coins into a vending machine and waiting for your food to pop out!

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In wake of meat scandal, McDonald’s Japan losing not only customers, but employees, too

It’s been a pretty rough year for McDonald’s in Japan, in the same way that getting hit by a bus on your way to work would make for a rough morning. Following a widely reported scandal in which the chain had been supplied with expired chicken by a meat processing facility in China, McDonald’s has been trying everything it can think of to lure diners back, such as giving away Chicken McNuggets for free, replacing the meat with tofu, and trying to take our mind off the incident entirely by pulling our attention towards pork cutlets instead.

After all, a restaurant chain can’t survive without customers, right? There’s one other thing you need to run a business though: employees, and these days McDonald’s is finding itself losing those, too.

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Hungry? Travelers pick Japan’s 30 best restaurants

Travel website Trip Advisor recently released its annual list of the 30 best sightseeing spots in Japan. Featuring centuries-old shrines, futuristic cityscapes, and no fewer than four whale sharks, it’s an impressive collection of much of what makes Japan such a unique and awesome country.

Honestly, if you had the time, we wouldn’t try to talk you out of an itinerary that hits all 30 places. Of course, with that much sightseeing, you’re bound to work up an appetite. Thankfully, Trip Advisor is back again with its top 30 restaurants in Japan.

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