Belly photos from underneath are the next big trend in hamster cuteness

It seems that hamster trends come and go on the ‘Net: earlier this year hamster butts were totally in, and before that flat hamsters were all the rage. Now the hot new thing is hamster bellies! And not just their fluffy bellies, but specifically their underside seen from below.

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Man vs. Beast! Competitive eater Kobayashi takes on hamster in hot dog-eating contest 【Video】

I didn’t watch a lot of TV during college, and before you think I’m saying that to try and come off as some high-minded intellectual, I’ll quickly admit that I filled that spare time playing video games and watching anime DVDs. One program I do remember catching, though, was a Fox special in which humans went against animals in a series of contests.

In one event, Takeru Kobayashi, Japan’s champion competitive eater, was pitted against a bear to see who could eat more hot dogs. The bear won with ease, because, well, it’s a bear for God’s sake.

Now, though, Kobayashi’s back for a rematch with the animal kingdom, but this time with a smaller opponent: an adorable hamster.

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Hamster steals iPhone’s mini futon

This futon, although technically meant for an iPhone (because Japan), is now home to a little hamster who seems to have found his new favorite spot. This has got to be the cutest case of theft we’ve ever seen!

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【Monday Kickstart】Hamsters just wanna have fun

We posted a silly video of baby ducks on our site last Monday, hoping to cheer up any of our readers who were going through a tough first day back at work. Two days later, we received the following comment on the video (thank you J.R.!): “No matter how bad your day was, remember that this video is waiting for you….”

This got us thinking…why not try to cure our readers’ Monday blues every Monday!? So may we humbly present to you the first video in our weekly series, “Monday Kickstart.” You won’t find explanations about Japanese culture or deep, enlightening thoughts, just something to make you smile as you begin your long haul into the week.

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Move over, cats. Hamster butts are the internet’s latest squeeze【Photos】

These fuzzy rodent bottoms have been sending Japanese Twitter users squealing and spasming over the internet, and we can totally understand why. Cuteness overload! Of course, cats and dogs are still adorable as can be, but as the saying goes, good things come in small packages! These pudgy little fellas are a ton-load of cute compacted into a pocket-sized ball of fluff!

Note: This might be the biggest collection of butt photos RocketNews24 has ever seen!

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Little fat hamster just trying to keep cool in danger from hungry Japanese

Summer has come early in Japan this year and everyone’s doing their best to stave off the heat in temperatures that have reached up to 40°C in some parts of the country.

In the midst of all the sweat and suncream it looks like this little guy’s found a novel way to keep cool. The added bonus is that he looks absolutely adorable, but the downside is that,  at least to Japanese people, he seems positively edible!

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Hamsters Are Watching You

“Hamsters are watching you.”

Before, when I said this to people on the streets they would run away and get the police involved.

Well who’s laughing now? Thanks to this video documentation uploaded on YouTube, my paranoid delusions have been proven to be real. In it, the brave camera person captured a hamster stakeout in progress.

My delirium was further validated by Yahoo! who chose this shocking footage as the “10th best animal video of 2012.”

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