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NTT creates two-dimensional pictures that can move: Harry Potter photographs are now real!

One of my favorite things about the Harry Potter universe was the fact that all the photos and paintings of people moved around on their own. Sure it was only a tiny detail, but it was all those little details of how a wizarding world might actually work coming together that made the final product so amazing.

And now, our muggle world has taken one step closer to Harry’s: NTT, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, recently announced that they’ve developed a way to make normal, printed-out two-dimensional pictures look like they’re moving through a bit of magic of their own.

Well, I only have one thing to say: “You’re a wizard, NTT!”

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Espresso Patronum! Artist creates awesome artwork on Starbucks’ cardboard cup sleeves

The iconic Starbucks mermaid is an instantly recognisable commercial symbol, up there with McDonald’s golden arches or Nike’s tick. But don’t you get a little bored sometimes with the same old face peering back at your from the cardboard sleeve lovingly hugging your steamy cup of joe? One artist decided to jazz up the old mermaid design using black pen, featuring everyone from Dragon Ball‘s Goku to The Legend of Zelda‘s Link, and the results are kind of awesome!

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China’s controversial castle: Hogwarts knockoff or artistic expression?

Hebei Province is home to China’s newest castle, and it’s been the subject of debate online. It’s set to house a new university—and it looks very familiar! Harry Potter fans may see a resemblance to Hogwarts Castle; some are even saying that it’s a ripoff of the fictional castle’s design.

This castle-like campus will be home to the Hebei Art Academy once completed. That’s not too surprising—there are a lot of young romantics who would jump at the opportunity to study beauty surrounded by such novel architecture.

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“A Cyberpunk Adventure: Harry Potter The 1980s Anime” just made our day

Ever wondered what J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter would have looked like if it had been an anime made in the 1980s? Neither had we, but now that we’ve seen it we think it’s the <hyperbole but for good reason> BEST THING EVER </hyperbole>.

Join us after the jump for bike-based quidditch, a cat-eared Hermione, Tetsuo/Voldemort battles and more.

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Harry Potter trains and towering Hogwarts Castle appear in Osaka!

As the year draws to a close and 2014 pokes its head over the horizon, Harry Potter fans in Japan are finding it harder to contain their excitement over the summer opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios, Osaka. Fan photos on Twitter show how the progress is going, with an awesome train service and a near-complete replica of Hogwarts Castle that looks exactly like the one on film.

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All Aboard! Take a Ride on the Japan Rail Harry Potter Train!

A new Harry Potter train was introduced on the JR Sakurajima line providing access to Universal Studios Japan from Nishikujo Station in Osaka.

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Kotobukiya Novelty Chopsticks: Katanas, Tigers and Facehuggers, Oh My!

While some claim that the Japanese are paragons of good table manners, Japanese model kit and figurine manufacturer Kotobukiya has practically given us a reason to play with our food with their series of awesome novelty chopsticks.

There are currently 15 different designs, including Star Wars lightsaber chopsticks, Harry Potter wand chopsticks and even far too detailed Alien chopsticks (see below). The latest in the lineup, chopsticks modeled after the blades of four members of the shinsengumi, a famous group of samurai from Japan’s late shogunate period, is set to go on sale In Japan on April 28.

Check below for a closer look at some of the best the series has to offer!

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