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Why use chocolate or nuts when you can top your ice cream with gold like these Japanese cafes?

Taking a page from traditional artisans, these treats shine like gold near the Sea of Japan.

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Baskin Robbins introduces a limited-edition ice cream to celebrate the boys of summer

Buy me some peanuts and Tiger Stripe…that’s how the song goes, right?

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Forget cups and cones – Krispy Kreme Japan is sandwiching its ice cream inside doughnuts!

Just think of all the time you’ll save with delicious dessert multi-tasking!

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We try the new matcha McFlurry from McDonald’s Japan【Taste Test】

The green tea-flavoured sweet dessert is filled with traditional Japanese flavours.

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McDonald’s Japan releases brand new Matcha McFlurry for a limited time

The new McFlurry comes filled with traditional Japanese flavours.

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Tokyo cafe’s sakura ice cream has actual flowers mixed in for the ultimate cherry blossom dessert

Whether you’re a diehard anime fan or couldn’t care less about otaku culture, you owe it to yourself to try this new treat in Akihabara.

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Is Japan’s new pudding ice cream bar too much deliciousness to handle? 【Taste test】

With winter finally over, it’s time to start gorging ourselves on frozen desserts, starting with this combination of two of everyone’s favorite things: ice cream and pudding!

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Forget chocolate and strawberry – Japan now has fried chicken-flavored ice cream

What else would you expect to be on the dessert menu at the Fried Chicken Festival?

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Does Häagen-Dazs’ Matcha Green Tea Crumble deliver on its high-class name’s promise? 【Taste test】

America’s premium ice cream maker takes on one of Japan’s most traditional tastes.

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Häagen-Dazs Japan’s new ice cream flavor will taste like yogurt and honey!

Häagen-Dazs Japan has announced another tantalizing new flavor, and we’re already wondering what the combination of dairy and honey will taste like!

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Sakura-flavored ice cream returns to Baskin Robbins in Japan after 24 years!

Who would have thought that we could go without this ice cream flavor for over two decades?

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Kit Kat Green Tea Ice Cream spotted in the wild, but it’s not available in Japan

It looks like it belongs in Japan, but it’s another Asian country that’s laid claim to the delicious-looking sweet.

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Kyoto book cafe serves up cute cat parfaits in traditional Japanese machiya townhouse

Now you can enjoy all the delights of a cat-shaped dessert while immersed in the traditional culture of Kyoto.

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We chow down on new cheesecake ice cream bar made with real cream cheese

It’s cold and frosty in Tokyo! Perfect weather for taste-testing the newest frozen cheesecake ice cream bar!

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Would you share your ice cream with this Shiba Inu?

The internet just can’t get enough of Shiba Inu lately, and it’s not hard to see why. I mean, just look at that face!

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Does mint ice cream really taste like toothpaste and breath mints? RN24’s Meg finds out 【Video】

Our Japanese-language reporter Meg sets out to defend the honor of her favorite ice cream flavor by eating a breat mint sundae, and also makes her English RocketNews24 video debut.

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Play an edible Tsum Tsum mobile game with individually wrapped Pino ice creams!

If you love Japan’s bite-sized Pino ice creams as much as you love Disney’s range of adorable Tsum Tsum characters, then this special collaboration is sure to bring you joy this holiday season.

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We made bread out of ice cream and it’s delicious! Super simple 3 ingredient recipe

Some say that baking is therapeutic, but for first-time bakers, making something as basic as plain bread can be a bit of a challenge, even with a recipe. Let’s also not forget the tabletop full of flour you’ll have to clean up after kneading the dough.

But our Japanese reporter Meg recently experimented with a super-simple recipe to make some quick yet yummy ice cream bread. No kneading required, and no messy flour-covered surfaces (well, unless you get clumsy in the kitchen)! Get the recipe after the break!

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New Japanese-style Häagen-Dazs brings us chestnut and azuki red bean ice cream this fall

Zeitaku is one of those lovely Japanese words that sounds as elegant as its meaning. As the word for luxury, it conjures up images of high-class ryokan accommodations with private outdoor rotenburo baths, multi-course kaiseki meals served by elegant ladies dressed in kimonos and extravagant purchases at department stores on the Ginza shopping strip.

While most of those luxuries are, sadly, out of reach for many of us, there’s one affordable item that comes to mind when Japanese people are looking for a bit of zeitaku when a friend decides to visit or as a treat after a long day. That small symbol of luxury is the rich, creamy ice cream of Häagen-Dazs, and now they’re releasing an amazing new chestnut and azuki red bean Japonais flavour to add a bit of class to the upcoming fall season.

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Häagen-Dazs’ awesome mochi ice creams with black sugar syrup and sweet miso glaze are coming back

Last February, we had the opportunity to combine our loves for Japanese food and ice cream when Häagen-Dazs released a line of ice cream topped by mochi rice cakes and flavored like traditional Japanese confectionaries. We got our hands on one flavor and were blown away by how amazing it tasted, and so was the rest of Japan.

Before long, the supplies of both flavors of mochi ice cream were exhausted, and the freezer sections of convenience stores and supermarkets across Japan has always looked a little lonelier in their absence. Now, though, Häagen-Dazs has announced that its kinako kuromitsu and mitarashi kurumi mochi ice creams, featuring roasted soybean flour, black sugar syrup, sweet soy glaze, and walnuts, are making a triumphant return.

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