Onsen Musume: Japanese hot springs turn into cute anime schoolgirl idols【Video】

Find out what the country’s most well-known onsen look like as a cute idol group in their very first video.

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Man who stabbed Japanese idol over 20 times convicted of crime, sentenced to prison

Victim of horrific attack testifies at trial.

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Japanese idol cosplay face powder provides gleaming skin for costuming needs

New product promises the look of “a shining idol singer.”

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Man arrested for threatening voice actress Nana Mizuki on Twitter

32-year-old allegedly admitted to charge, saying Mizuki did not respond to his email.

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J-pop idol group gives us a lesson in iconic Japanese high school girl poses【Video】

Do you know the names of all these Japanese photo poses that have appeared over the years?
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New robot moe figure is here to sing and dance for you all day long【Video】

The Internet of Things (IoT) finds its newest home in a pint-sized moe-cute figure who gyrates for your pleasure.

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Japanese idol girls excite crowds by spitting water on them

Come for the J-pop idols, stay for the water discharging from their mouths.

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Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku idol Rina Matsuno passes away at 18

Idol had missed Tuesday concert before succumbing to unspecified disease.

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Twin K-pop backup dancers are as eye-catching at the groups they dance for 【Pics, Video】

Fans are adamant that these twins should be at the forefront of the Korean idol world.
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TV report on “World’s Youngest Idol” causes her to break down in tears, miss school for two days

Six-year-old Ai-chan is getting the full idol experience at a young age: the singing, dancing, meeting fans, and even the occasional hatchet-job by the media.

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Korean-Chinese music video packs in as much cuteness as possible to heal the world【Video】

You couldn’t possibly fit any more cuteness into this video or else you’d endanger the public with a cuteness overdose.

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Have a moving Hatsune Miku come to life inside your computer desktop background

Oh, hello there. What are you doing outside of the computer?

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Anime idols from μ’s boogie down to Japan’s “Love Dance” in epic stop-motion clip 【Video】

Because even figurines find the song extremely catchy.

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Japanese tourism board forms regional idol singer group…with Akita dog heads?!? 【Video】

“Don’t mind if you touch,” invites the perky trio.

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Japanese idol placed in safe house after rape threat, official website still lists bust size

Police investigation starts as singer cancels all upcoming concerts.

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Virtual idol Hatsune Miku now has her own line of real intimate apparel 【Photos】

Now you can wear Hatsune Miku lingerie, even if she, lacking a physical body, can’t.

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Japanese idols cut to the chase, charge fans 10,000 yen to talk to them for three minutes

Critics like to say singing talent isn’t necessary to succeed as an idol singer, but conversational skills are turning out to be very useful for these two groups.

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Japanese idol singer reveals three simple phrases men need to use to be popular with women

Former AKB48 member also advises against telling a woman “You’ve sure gotten fat recently.”

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Japanese gamer shares PlayStation VR experience at virtual anime idol concert

Take a look at what it’s like to be a jumping, chanting, glowstick-waving fan at a virtual reality idol concert in Japan!

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Iwashita New Ginger’s souvenir penlight gets pulled from shelves after obscenity complaints

It keeps getting harder and harder to market a pickled ginger snack these days.

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