instant food

Fukusaki Anal Orb Instant Curry intrigues, terrifies Japan, as does town’s horrific mascot

Package promises three “butthole balls” in each box!

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Nissin’s new Bukkomi Meshi is the guilty pleasure of rice plus instant ramen broth

Nissin knows what’s in the hearts of carb-lovers way too well.

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New Japanese internet ad features … the 10-second fried rice challenge! 【Video】

So, how fast do you think you can stir up a plate of fried rice? This ad tries to do it in 10 seconds!

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Nissin’s Cup Noodle gets glamorous birthday makeover!

It’s Cup Noodle’s 45th birthday this year, and the noodles are looking good in a special commemorative package!

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Trick or Meal? Nissin’s instant foods get Halloween makeover in four limited-edition products

With Halloween becoming an increasingly recognized event in Japan, we’re sure to be seeing plenty of products featuring pumpkins, black cats, ghosts and witches in shops across Japan as we enter the month of October. And the instant food market is no exception to the trend, as Nissin Foods, known around the world for their Cup Noodles, come out this month with four unique Halloween-themed instant food products.

That’s right, you can be sure to get a taste of Halloween this year, even if you have no time to cook!

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Stay cool with somen ice Cup Noodles this summer

Nissin Cup Noodles are outrageously popular in Japan and have a firm following worldwide. Now, to keep the love flowing throughout the hot summer months, they’ve released a new special version designed to be eaten icy cold. For the first time, the company will be releasing somen, the thinnest of traditional Japanese noodles, for a meal so light and tasty you’ll be wanting to eat them all year!

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