Ninja shortage! Nagoya company’s HR crunch may be your gain as it looks to hire full-time shinobi

Ninja team in one of Japan’s largest cities needs new members, and neither Japanese fluency nor citizenship is required.

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Man forgets the first rule of Japanese job interviews: Don’t steal the boss’ wallet

Man arrested after failing to grasp this not-so-cryptic aspect of Japanese business manners.

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Pachinko parlor worker lists the three worst types of customers in Japan’s gambling dens

Even in famously polite Japan, some gamblers just don’t have any manners.

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30 things workers in Japan often find themselves thinking in their first six months on the job

Emotions can range from being ready to take on the world to “Man, I sure wish I was drunk right now.”

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Help Wanted: Pervy security detail to guard panties for upcoming Hentai Kamen film release

If you have a love of panties, sense of justice, and are of mediocre intelligence, then panty-headed superhero Hentai Kamen wants you!

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Book for little Japanese kids offers one big reason not to be a systems engineer when you grow up

Explanation of what kind of person would love the job subtly tells readers that a lot of people would absolutely hate it.

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Japanese tourism board hires American expat as professional ninja

Tokyo resident is the first foreign member of the Hattori Hanzo Ninja Squad.

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Infographic shows how working culture differs across the globe

In the past we’ve written about office etiquette and office parties in Japan, but how are Japanese office manners or your own different from those in other countries?

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New pop-up cafe in Tokyo offers drinks with hands-on animation, art and design on the side

Next time you feel like taking a coffee break, why not head over to the NagaLatte Cafe in Harajuku, where you can try Snow Brand Milk’s newest beverage and experience what it’s like to work as a manga illustrator, animator, or other creative professional?

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Akihabara Shrine seeks shrine maiden to perform memorial services for “deceased” anime figures

New maiden will help service all human- and plastic-kind.

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Six professional ninja jobs being offered by Japanese tourism board, women and foreigners welcome

Japan is looking for a few good shinobi.

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Need a new job? Japanese tourism organization is looking to hire two samurai

Performers sought to play the role of two of Nagoya’s greatest historical heroes.

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What do Japanese kids want to be when they grow up? Businesspeople

It does pay better than being a superhero, after all.

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Ever wanted to work with legendary video game creator Hideo Kojima? Kojima Productions now hiring

Newly formed Kojima Productions is looking to hire a few good video game developers, plus find customers for its online store.

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Japanese employment site reimagines web developers, accountants, and more as anime RPG heroes

Career arcs in Japan used to be simple. You finished school, got a job, and worked there until it was time to retire. Along the way, you were paid a salary calculated strictly on the basis of how long you’d been with the company.

That’s not necessarily the case anymore, and as more and more Japanese switch employers, and even industries, they need a baseline from which to evaluate the pay of potential posts, which is where Japanese website Kyuryo Bank comes in. Yes, Kyuryo Bank has all the salary-related numerical data and progression charts you’d expect, but it also has something truly unique: awesome anime-style illustrations of professions ranging from public accountant and lawyer to web designer, pro blogger, and yes, even “chicken sexer.”

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Need work? Two of Japan’s biggest manga magazines hiring one-day editors, no experience necessary

Everyone could use a little extra money in their pocket as we head towards the end of the year. Maybe you’ve got a long Christmas shopping list, made fancy New Year’s Eve plans, or just want to take a trip back home to visit family and friends during winter vacation.

As such, you might find yourself looking for a part-time job to help fill your coffers, and while you could go with such traditional choices as picking up a shift working in a restaurant or a shop at the mall, your options now also include a micro-stint as an editor for two of Japan’s most popular manga anthologies.

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Worried about a jealous wife? Nude photographer’s solution is to take her to work

For most guys, being a lingerie photographer must sound like one of the most enviable jobs around. After all, being surrounded by beautiful women parading about in next to nothing is not a bad way to earn a living. But most freelance photographers will tell you the profession is not all it’s cracked up to be. Find out some of the behind-the-lens details of the profession after the jump.

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Esteemed voice actor: “1 in 100 voice actors become pros”

Hiroshi Ohtake, an 82-year-old voice actor known for his roles in 1960s anime like Mōretsu Atarō (Nyarome), Pāman (Booby) and Himitsu no Akko-chan (Daisho), won the Achievement Award at the 9th Seiyū Awards on March 7. He used the occasion to speak about the challenges faced by up-and-coming voice actors.

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Square Enix now hiring Final Fantasy XV staff, might be planning to work them to death

Even though the Final Fantasy video game franchise has spawned a long string of sequels, very few of the games feature characters or plotlines from previous instalments. Instead, each title draws from a pool of visual cues, music compositions, and gameplay systems that together constitute the games’ shared legacy.

For example, almost every Final Fantasy includes summoning magic, where players call upon dragons, ifrits, or other powerful monsters to aid them in battle. Developer Square Enix can’t do the same in real life, though, which is why it’s currently recruiting employees to work on the upcoming Final Fantasy XV.

Obviously, you won’t need to know how to cast Meteo or throw a Dolphin Blow uppercut to land a spot on the Final Fantasy XV team. Having a heroic level of physical constitution might come in handy, though, as looking through Square Enix’s want ads suggests they might be planning to work the project members until they drop.

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Were Japanese soccer fans ‘wrong’ to clean up after themselves at the World Cup?

There are a number of one-word phrases in the Japanese language that, try as you might, just can’t be summed up anywhere near as succinctly in English. ‘Atarimae‘ is one of them. Used to describe a situation, behaviour or feeling that is entirely natural and obvious to all concerned, the phrase has been used with tremendous frequency this week by Japanese reacting to news that people the world over were applauding their country’s football fans for cleaning up their section of the stadium after their World Cup game last weekend. “Why wouldn’t you clean up after yourself?” people asked. “It’s atarimae.”

An article published earlier today on Japan’s WirelessWire News, however, suggests that although in Japan it is considered proper to tidy up after oneself, by doing so at the World Cup stadium these fans may in fact be putting Brazilian staff out of a job, prompting netizens to debate whether they ought to follow suit and leave their trash behind or do what comes naturally to them.

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