Three reasons you should go to Kyoto right now

There’s never a bad time to visit Japan’s former capital, but May is an especially good time.

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Kyoto geisha and maiko yatsuhashi sweets are the latest food craze to hit the ancient capital

These adorable sweets have been meticulously handcrafted by a centuries-old confectionery retailer in Kyoto.

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Figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva swaps her Sailor Moon outfit for a traditional kimono in Kyoto

The anime-loving skater thrills everyone off the ice as she walks the streets of Kyoto in traditional attire.

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Kyoto cafe shows us the beauty of minerals through its breathtaking dishes

Meteorite Curry and Amethyst Panna Cotta are just two of the elegant and educational foods at Usaginonedoko.

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Salamander soup?!? We try “giant salamander rice with green tea” in Kyoto

This “salamander” swims in a bowl of tasty broth with white tapioca “eggs”.

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The woman on the “I’m glad I’m Japanese” posters spotted in Kyoto? She’s actually Chinese

Turns out the controversial posters aren’t quite as nationalistic as their creators likely intended them to be.

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“I’m glad I’m Japanese” posters in Kyoto spark outrage among Japanese Twitter users

Mysterious posters draw concerned comments about the insensitive mentality of their anonymous creators.

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Kyoto kimono fabric Sailor Moon wallet would look as good in Japan’s old capital or Crystal Tokyo

Centuries-old textile-making techniques are part of this stylish anime wallet.

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Are you game enough to eat Fire Ramen at this Japanese restaurant in Kyoto?

Fire ramen has the potential to singe your eyebrows but that’s all part of the appeal.

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Japanese Twitter goes crazy for impromptu piano performance at Yodobashi Camera store in Kyoto

Two strangers came together over the theme song from an 80s film starring David Bowie.

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Instagram’s famous #FollowMeTo couple capture the beauty of their trip to Japan【Pics & Video】

The well-known duo take us on a spectacular journey to some of Japan’s most famous sites, complete with some gorgeous Sailor Moon cosplay.

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Kyoto taxi operator starts “Silence Taxi” service, prohibits drivers from instigating small talk

Taxis in Japan’s most refined city seek to minimize unpleasant, awkward conversations.

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Crazy Kyoto train will have a giant lens motif taking up its entire front end

Set to go into service next year carrying passengers from downtown Kyoto to Buddhist mountain temples.

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Kyoto University students let loose at cosplay graduation ceremony【Photos】

From beer bottles to Pokémon and short-skirted anime girls, these Japanese students know how to celebrate their last day at university.

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Kyoto police set up system to predict when and where crimes will happen

New tool allows Kyoto police to be at the scene of the crime before the crime even occurs.

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The most beautiful photo of Kyoto ever taken? Internet swoons over picture of traditional city

Photographer captures Kyoto, and many other places in Japan, perfectly.

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Failed your important entrance exams? That’s too bad–here’s a steak to make you feel better

For the second year in a row, this chain of Kyoto butcher shops is offering a bittersweet deal to those whose dreams were dashed.
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Kyoto Board of Education administers English test for teachers with disheartening results

Were the expectations for Japanese English teachers to high…two high…too high?
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Kyoto temple’s women-only mausoleum accepts women who don’t want to share their husband’s grave

Zuishinin Temple is there for women who say one lifetime together is enough.

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Is Japan’s green tea curry worthy of the name or just another matcha pretender?【Taste test】

We’ve had our expectation betrayed by “matcha” foods before, but what happens when we try this instant curry from Kyoto?

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