What do black holes and Gundam have in common? Here’s a hint: Schwarzschild!

Here’s a riddle for you: What do Gundam and black holes have in common? And, no, it has nothing to with giant robots or CERN-style technology gone crazy. It’s actually about…fashion.

Well, fashion might be a bit of an exaggeration, but we’ll give you a hint. What’s weird about the way Fumina Hoshino, from the new Gundam Build Fighters Try, wears her skirt?

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Leggy teacher in China secretly snapped by her students, photos appear online

Teachers, beware. You might have thought your students were paying attention to their books and sums, but it turns out that they were busy snapping pics of your slender legs with their smart phones!

These pics of sexy teacher legs showed on on a Chinese internet message board lately, then on a Japanese site where netizens immediately began to fight over which was the sexiest. We can’t help agree that the teacher in question is a bit of a knock-out, but we’re sure there are going to be some stern conversations being had at school this week.

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【TGS 2012】 The Creepiest Game of the Show (So Far): Leg Massaging Action

Tokyo Game Show: home to videogames, freebies, pretty girls and people who love all of the above.

Of all the titles I saw during my visit today, smart-phone game company mobile_one’s Kaikan Ashitsubo Massage (lit. Pleasurable leg massage) definitely wins my award for “Most Borderline Creepy”.  Read More

Eat like a Champ, Eat with a Woman’s Legs, Just Remember to Remove the Stockings First

So by now all us alpha-males have purchased our bathing beauty iPhone cases, but are left wondering: How do I hypnotize the ladies with my machismo during meals?  It would be rude to pull out one’s mobile phone while eating after all.

Well, picture this: Just before having dinner with that lucky lady you slowly and gently peel down the stockings along those smooth and silky legs – of your sexy lady chop sticks!

Trust me boys, the deal will be sealed after that.

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