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Visit sacred ‘ranobe’ spots around Japan with Book Off’s handy otaku map

Light novels (or ranobe for short, a portmanteau of raito and noberu) are popular in Japan as short, cheap reads for young adults. They often come with manga-style illustrations and feature many tropes from popular anime. This makes the transition between genres easy, and many light novels have been adapted into popular anime such as Ore no Imōto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai (There’s no way my little sister’s this cute!) and the currently airing Date-A-Live.

And now, Book Off–Japan’s brilliantly-named used bookstore chain–has added to the the recent spate of interactive maps with their new “Light Novel Pilgrimage Map”.

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Fans Rank the 10 Animes to Watch Out for this Fall!

October marks the beginning of the 2012 Fall kūru, or TV programming season, in Japan.  In Japan, TV scheduling is divided into four three-month blocks called kūru rather than the yearly seasons of American television.

But like America’s seasons, the beginning is a chance for new shows to make it or break it with the viewers.  In the case of anime, an online survey was held to ask “What new show are you most excited about this kūru?”

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