Japanese vending machines now dispense cute cup clinging cats!

Enjoy a litter of cats in your milk with these eight adorable designs!

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Cute Shiba Inu goes in for a shampoo, struts out with half her hair and a whole new physique

See just how much hair a dog can shed during a routine shampoo in this series of impressive before-and-after photos.

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Cute Japanese Shiba Inu joins in adorable “Handshaking Championship” with its owner

At what height do you think the cute pup will stop shaking its owner’s hand?

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Strap a slab of delicious grilled meat on your back with this new backpack from Japan

This is just one of the items in a range of delicious accessories designed for meat lovers.

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New product aimed at Japanese women and cosplayers helps to create a slimmer, taller nose

Before-and-after profile shots show the different effects produced by small and medium sizes.

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Cute cats from Japan show their love for competitors at the Olympic games

If you’re an athlete who runs from side to side or jumps up and down, these cute cats will love you, regardless of where you’re from!

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Cute cat and its human create homemade Japanese money box with hilarious results!【Video】

While Japanese coin box toys feature sweet cats who kindly take your change for safekeeping, real cats like this prefer to do other things with your money!

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Cat has Internet in stitches after getting itself stuck in awkward position

And now the hilarious kitty is popping up in memes across the Internet.

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Cosplay like a cool cat with an ultra-realistic, giant cat head from Japan!

The surprising heads have an equally surprising price tag.

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Protect yourself from insects this summer with the full-body mosquito net jumpsuit from Japan

Whether you’re at a festival or playing Pokémon Go outdoors, now you can protect yourself from nasty mozzie bites with a full-body mosquito net!

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Pets get mouse ear makeovers thanks to trending app in Japan

The popular app is sweeping through the country, transforming dogs and cats into cute new creatures with round and furry mouse-style ears.

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Japanese artists alter illustration of unrequited love with hilarious results

The man caught in between the scissors gets his revenge on the happy couple thanks to the creative talents of Japanese artists.

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Female Japanese tanuki racoon dogs get a chance to shine in new lineup of gacha capsule toys

Male raccoon dog statues are often displayed with their large, uh, family jewels outside Japanese eateries, but soon female tanuki will shine with a different set of large assets.

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Show your love of Japanese cuisine with cute range of sushi backpacks

Bring the crazy spirit of Harajuku fashion culture to your wardrobe by adding a giant slice of raw fish to your outfit.

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Cute cat surprises owner with ability to walk through walls

This kitten won’t let anything get between him and his human.

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Peacocking peafowl poses prettily as patrons patiently pray to pee

The bird caught sight of its glorious self in the mirror and now there’s no chance of anyone else using the restroom.

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Japanese boy charms the internet after buying McDonald’s meal all by himself

The young boy is melting hearts for navigating his way back to the car while carrying his meal out of the store and into the street on a tray.

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Pigeon cuts in line, casually boards train in Japan【Video】

A lot has been written about Japan’s incredible train culture. From carriages dressed up as anime characters to people who band together to rescue a fellow commuter, you don’t even have to get on a train to experience all the action; you can see it all first-hand from the platform itself.

That’s what one commuter found when they stumbled upon this little guy while waiting for the train in Japan. Caught on video, it shows an adventurous pigeon who doesn’t even flinch when the train arrives, instead walking up to the passenger doors, waiting for them to open and then hopping on board to find a seat.

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Cooking pizza in a burning cardboard box, and other unconventional recipes

Cookpad is easily the largest community cooking website for getting new Japanese recipes to try out in the kitchen. Started in 1997, it grew to be so popular that two years ago it expanded its user base by launching an English version.

It goes without saying that you can find a dish for pretty much anything you have lying around in your kitchen, but because most of the recipes are posted by amateurs, you might have to weed some of the stranger ones out by taking a look at their reviews.

Fortunately there seems to be a whole crew of users willing and waiting to take a hit for the team and try out the latest recipe, including a recently posted recipe for making pizza that requires putting the uncooked crust and toppings inside a box and setting the box on fire. How  does it measure up? One net user decided to photograph and review the process.

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Border patrol between China and Russia staffed by… scarecrows?

We all know that scarecrows can be terrifying. but are they really scary enough to keep humans at bay? Well apparently in Russia, scarecrows scare you!

On the border between China and Russia, stuffed scarecrows man the border patrol guard towers. Is this a case of budget failure, laziness, or just a joke gone hay-wire? Read on to find out!

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