The true identity of these sweet Lolita twins might blow your mind【Photos】

Trust your mum when she tells you not to place too much trust in what you see on the Internet. Especially when it comes to photos of cute girls. Who knows, she may be a beautiful boy. Or even, a middle-aged man.

Do you see where this is going yet? Surprise surprise, these sweet-looking Lolita twins are in fact a middle-aged Japanese man in disguise (both are played by the same man), and that’s not all he has up his sleeve! More pictures after the jump!

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Akasaka’s totally non-creepy android maid cafe

Business district by day, at night Akasaka in Tokyo transforms into an area of dazzling nightlife, a hip and happening place where the local execs can easily spend their hefty paychecks. But among the trendy neon-lit clubs, there’s one café that doesn’t quite fit in: The Android Idol Caffe.

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Grand Theory of Moe: the Past, Present and Future of Maid Cafes

When it comes to Japan, Akihabara is one place you’ll find on almost every tourist’s map. The name alone immediately brings to mind everything from games, manga, anime, figurines and AKB48 to Gundam, computers and electronics. Still one thing stands out as being particularly iconic: maid cafes.

Most visitors to Tokyo have stopped by one of these cafes at least once, and even if you haven’t, you’re probably familiar with the concept: cute, young women in fluffy “maid” skirts serving drinks and food while giggling with customers and, often, putting on shows. But have you wondered where these cafes came from? Read More

Chinese Teacher Makes Good on Promise to Class, Wears Maid Outfit to Reward Top Grades

Ah, how secondary education has changed!

When I was a lad, school operated on a system of strict rules and severe punishment rather than incentives and reward.

Every Friday afternoon, the student with the lowest test scores in the class would plunge into a deep pit filled with spiders, stinging nettles and dog poo as the trapdoor below his chair sprang open; the soft, wet thud his body made as it came into contact with the mounds of muck marking the end of another week at Catholic school.

We worked hard, we dodged the poop. That’s how we rolled.

But not this generation!

A teacher in China has shown that the promise of reward really can have a motivating effect on students’ performance as one young teacher set her students an inspired challenge:

“Come out on top in the next test and I’ll wear a maid outfit.”

And, staying true to her word, the brave teacher dressed up once the results were in…

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