KanColle crossplayer is the best-dressed at this half-marathon

If you’ve been to any recreational running events in your lifetime, you know that they’re a great place to show off your personal style, whether it’s tutus, turkey hats, crazy tights, or Santa outfits. For those who love KanColle, it can also be a good place to channel your inner Shimakaze.

This year’s Maizuru Kanko Half Marathon faced some bad weather, but it certainly didn’t deter one man from trying to set a personal best as his favorite destroyer. Known as Micchan, he frequently participates in running events and triathlons in cosplay.

Here are some photos and videos of Micchan as Shimakaze:

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China’s “Most Beautiful Marathon Girl” wows the internet with her stunning bod! 【Photos】

Widespread use of the internet and social networking sites these days makes gaining fame and reputation online fairly easy, especially if you’re young, hot and people want to see your photos. Sometimes, such internet fame comes when you least expect it, such as, when you’re running a marathon.

An athletic babe shot to fame when pictures of her taking part in a marathon went viral across Chinese websites, bringing her over 10,000 new followers on Weibo (China’s homegrown version of Twitter) overnight!

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Thousands of marathon runners empty their bladders against Chinese government compound

China’s Communist Party keeps a pretty close eye on the information to which the enormous nation is privy, as well as the attitude with which it spreads. But, in this modern age of technology, it seems that the government is struggling to silence all of the dissent, and issues such as air pollution and ineffective sewage systems are tainting public opinion of the communists. The nation’s self-sanctioned Twitter equivalent, Weibo, is one of the main contributors to this rapid spread of unsavory information and opinions, and while the most inflaming comments are inevitably erased from the site, by then the damage is already done.

Late last month, Beijing held its annual marathon, and observers using Weibo offered us some interesting insights into the actions and opinions of the participants. Apparently, an unfortunate lack of bathrooms led to thousands of marathon runners relieving themselves against the wall of the Zhongnanhai, a central government compound adjacent to the Forbidden City!

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Four Freezing Freeza’s Appear at Hakone Ekiden Relay Marathon, Conquer All with Hijinks and Shenanigans

Some sports are just better watched on television.  Although it’s always great to see athletes perform in person, for many events you just can’t get the right vantage point to see all the action.

Take the Hakone Ekiden relay marathon held every year on the second and third of January. One of the most popular running events in Japan, 20 universities from the Kanto region of east Japan enter teams of ten to race a grueling two day relay totaling over 200km.

It’s a physically intense race over mountainous terrain in the cold of mid-winter.  And it’s truly inspiring to see these athletes show such high levels of endurance… from your home watching TV under a blanket and sipping hot cocoa.

For those brave souls who ventured out into the cold to support the runners, a surprise in the form of four inter-planetary warlords stop by yearly to deliver some holiday cheer.

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