Horrifying car spotted outside of Tokyo is the stuff nightmares are made of

Nothing better to ensure others keep their distance than a mask with glowing, soul-sucking eyes.

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Trump masks sold out in Japan… but why? Japanese netizens weigh in with their reasons

How come Japanese people are buying up these masks faster than cheap real estate?

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Cosplay like a cool cat with an ultra-realistic, giant cat head from Japan!

The surprising heads have an equally surprising price tag.

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Video of super-lifelike “crying” Japanese mask is disturbingly artistic 【Video】

We’d offer it a tissue, if we weren’t also kind of scared of it.

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Wearing a white mask will make you less attractive, according to Japanese researchers’ experiment

Experiments’ results found similar effects for men and women.

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Japanese company’s 3-D printed. disembodied faces and hands are both amazing and disturbing

Relax, no tiny people were dismembered in the making of this article.

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Japanese cats channel their inner demon during the chilly month of February

February is a hard month to face, so why not put on a mask and greet it looking like something else?

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Tokyo Mask Festival invites visitors to put on a new face and join the masquerade

Author Victor Hugo once said, “Virtue has a veil, vice a mask,” but what if Japanese, contemporary, and fetish masks are your vice? You’ll want to check out Tokyo Mask Festival Vol. 2!

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Sailor Moon cloth masks are here to protect you from germs the magical girl way!

As we head into winter, you can spot more and more people out and about in Japan wearing cloth masks. The main reason is to prevent the spread of germs during cold and flu season, but recent research suggests that for women, wearing a pink mask could make them appear twice as attractive.

Based on that, we can only assume that anyone wearing one of these new Sailor Moon masks instantly becomes three times as good-looking.

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Breaking research from Japan: wearing a pink face mask makes you more attractive

In Japan, it’s quite a common sight to see people walking around or going to work wearing surgical masks. The reason is so they don’t spread germs to others, or potentially catch others’ germs, and they’re all over the place this time of year when people tend to get colds.

However there’s another reason you might see women wearing a surgical mask: research from Hokkaido University says that wearing a mask makes a woman appear significantly more attractive. And if they’re wearing a pink mask, then they basically turn into a supermodel.

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Wondering what to dress as this coming Halloween? We’ve got the answer! So mask. Much doge. Wow.

When a Japanese blogger posted a photo of her dog, she had no idea the height of internet fame she would reach. Kabosu, the Shiba Inu, would soon become known as Doge, and would leave her mark on internet meme-dom forever.

Doge has been wowed by many things, but perhaps the most wow-ing thing has just come to pass – you can now order Doge as your very own mask!

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What’s cuter than a cat? A cat with a cat-mask on

Twitter user @kyoxxxxx, aka Kyou, recently posted this picture of a cat with a cat-mask on its forehead that’s weird and extremely cute at the same time.

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