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McDonald’s Japan introduces Hawaiian-inspired menu, netizens can’t get over the pancakes

Most anywhere in the world you go, you’re likely to find the familiar golden arches somewhere nearby. For foreigners living in Japan, McDonald’s can provide a quick and inexpensive taste of home, while at the same time giving more adventurous eaters new and exciting twists on the classic McD’s taste with seasonal treats like the pink sakura or black squid-ink burgers. Currently, the chain is offering up some Hawaiian-themed eats, like its barbeque pork burger, banana milkshake, and mixed berry pancakes.

When the craving for pancakes strikes, McDonald’s might not be the first place to come to mind, but Japanese netizens have been pleasantly surprised at just how good the Hawaiian pancakes actually are.

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“Do they think we’re stupid?” McDonald’s Japan’s new, unappealing strawberry shortcake and donut

Much like the rest of the world, fast food in Japan is a war of franchises trying to one-up the other. When McDonald’s announced it was getting rid of large-sized fries, Lotteria announced they’d give customers “whatever size they wanted.” When McDonald’s was struggling with the morning crowd, Mos Burger seized the opportunity to strike by offering a traditional Japanese breakfast.

Now that Mister Donut has upped the ante by rolling out a strawberry-chocolate-marshmallow pizza, McDonald’s has answered back with its new strawberry whipped cream donut and shortcake. Who will emerge the victor? Well, so far, it’s looking pretty one-sided.

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Hawaiian-inspired loco moco and kalua pork burgers coming to McDonald’s Japan

As part of their World Mac Hawaii campaign, McDonald’s Japan will be serving up island-inspired burgers and desserts starting February 10. With flavors taking a cue from popular Hawaiian main dishes such as kalua pork and the famous loco moco, and desserts featuring a tropical flare, these new menu items are sure to put a little sunshine in your cold, snowy Japanese winter.

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Worried about McDonald’s chicken in Japan? Don’t be! Free McNuggets ease your fears!

This summer, consumers in Japan were shocked by the news of “Chickengate”, the Chinese food scandal that revealed a dirty secret behind our favorite Chicken McNuggets. Since then, McDonald’s Japan has tried to win back customers with Tofu McNuggets, and more recently introduced the “Hiru Mac” or “Lunchtime Mac” to encourage patrons to come for lunch and enjoy great discounted prices.

But, the public still worries about where the chicken is coming from. The sales of McNuggets haven’t recovered since McDonald’s Japan revealed that the chicken comes from Thailand, so they’re trying a new tactic of…giving away free Chicken McNuggets.

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McDonald’s Japan is now adding to my giant pile of home delivery junk mail

In our modern digital age, it can be somewhat jarring to see Japan clinging so doggedly to its analogue roots. Despite being considered by many to be the home of technology, Japan is also a place where the fax machine is still considered a vital piece of office equipment, flip-phones are holding their own against smartphones, and without actual, physical cash, it is sometimes impossible to make a payment in a store or restaurant.

Like so many people these days, on the rare occasion that I order food in, I’m far more inclined to reach for my laptop than my phone, and a kitchen drawer stuffed with fast food menus is now something that I associate only with my childhood and university days. Even so, I receive anywhere between 10 and 15 fast food delivery menus through my door each week living here in Tokyo, with Pizza Hut and pals feeling the need to constantly remind me of their existence by showing me brightly coloured pictures of their food and telling me that they’re just a phone call away.

And now, it would seem, McDonald’s Japan has joined the ranks of companies employing shifty-looking dudes on scooters to push junk mail through my mail slot.

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Celebrate spring with pink buns at McDonald’s Japan

This year, the sakura cherry blossoms are scheduled to start appearing in Japan as early as March 20 and will slowly move their way north as the country begins to thaw after a particularly snowy winter. Just one day after the appearance of the actual blossoms, McDonald’s will release a spring-inspired burger that takes a cue from the very sakura that Japan is so famous for. But with a pink-colored bun and sakura mayonnaise sauce, it’s unclear if the odd combination will be as well received as cherry blossoms and beer.

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McDonald’s Japan serving “American Vintage” burgers starting this January

Ah, the good old days! It seems like every generation longs for that time when they were young and all was right with the world. McDonald’s Japan is taking that feeling of nostalgia and cramming it into a hamburger with their freshly announced American Vintage campaign, taking us back in time with 1950’s diner fare, 1970s soul food and 1980s pop culture cuisine.

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McDonald’s Japan now serving delicious balls of cheese and potato

McDonald’s Japan, oh how we love you! You give us so many delicious, heart-clogging treats like the Idaho burger with a hashbrown nestled in the middle or the Mega Potato stuffed with well over half a pound of fries. Now the world’s most recognized burger chain brings us little fried clusters of potato and cheese to get us through the cold Japanese winter.

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Videos of the first four Happy Meal Marios from McDonald’s Japan!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: McDonald’s Japan has the best Happy Meal toys. In case you haven’t heard, the fast food chain created Mario toys for their “Happy Set” kids meals and they’re awesome. Lucky for those abroad, Japanese fans of the franchise have already uploaded videos of their McDonald’s Happy Meal Marios (say that five times fast). Take a look at just a few!

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This year’s Mario Christmas Happy Meal in Japan is the best!

Kids nowadays have it rough. Sure, they have the Internet, sophisticated video games, and more electronics than fingers, but their McDonald’s Happy Meal toys are awful. I remember the days when you’d get a quality, hard-plastic toy that would withstand anything your imagination could throw at it. Now it’s half-heartedly put together pieces of garbage that are strewn alongside your mini pouch of fries (or apple slices if your mom isn’t cool). But in Japan, everything is different, especially this Christmas. Not only do you get a toy that blows all other modern day Happy Meal toys out of the water, your entire meal comes in a real cardboard golden arches box, just like old times. Read More

Fries missing from your order? McDonald’s Japan will deliver them to your door

We have all experienced it before. You’re too tired to cook, but also too tired to go sit down at a restaurant. You want a quick meal that takes no effort at all and you want to just veg out on the couch while you eat. Off to the McDonald’s drive-thru you go to order yourself a BigMac meal. You finally make it home, park yourself in front of the TV and peel open the greasy bag only to find that THEY FORGOT YOUR FRIES!!! Exhausted and completely famished, you bitterly bite into your BigMac which somehow doesn’t taste as good without a fry chaser.

But if you are in Japan, you can call up the McDonald’s you ordered your meal from and they will deliver the missing item…for free.

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We Take the McDonald’s Potato Holder For a Test Ride

After our recent report on the April 24 release of the McDonald’s hands-free “potato holder,” we headed out and grabbed one for a test run.  Available for free with all large-size value sets, these plastic holders are only around for a limited time! But, with no car, how could we possibly do justice to the hands-free design, good for eating-on-the-go? That’s when we spotted our pink mama-chari (mama-chariot, a style of bicycle popular with mums in Japan) leaning against the wall of our driveway. With no shame whatsoever, Minoru, our test rider for the day, popped the plastic potato packet into the drink holder on the bicycle, inserted the large serving of fries and set off for a culinary trip around the block. Would they survive? Or would they fall? And how would our rider hold up?

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Use This McDonald’s “Potato Holder” and Enjoy Fries While You Drive

Your parents do it. Your neighbor does it, too. Even you have probably been guilty of it. We’re talking, of course, about the time honored tradition of eating in the car. We’d like to think that even folks back in the year 1910 were cruising down the road in their Model Ts munching on a salami or whatever they ate back then. To further enable in-car eaters, the drive-thru was invented resulting in cars being infiltrated by wayward French fries dropped while driving. But no more! McDonald’s Japan has created a special “potato holder” that enables drivers to enjoy fries without having to precariously balance them between their knees or take both hands off the wheel.

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We Made a Big Black BigMac

Aside from their yearly Big America burgers, McDonald’s Japan is usually mild-mannered when it comes to gimmicky burgers. Burger King Japan, however, is the flashy, too-much-making-wearing stepsister of the far more popular McDonald’s. From the Pumpkin Bomb Burger, filled with deep-fried pieces of kabocha to the BK RiNGO Burger filled with grilled slices of apples and cinnamon, BK Japan has produced their fair share of shocking burgers.

Arguably the most shocking burger to grace the “BK Lounge” was the completely black Kuro Burger, released in September.

Since McDonald’s doesn’t have a black version of their signature sandwich, our resident foodie, Kuzo, decided to make his own Black BigMac…a BigBlack if you will.
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The Top 10 Most Popular McDonald’s Burgers in Japan

McDonald’s, the American classic, is a familiar fast food restaurant that is known all over the world.  The golden arches appear in 119 different countries, giving rise to some interesting regional burgers.

Known as “maku-donarudo” or “maku” for short, the McDonald’s franchise can be found in 3,598 locations throughout Japan.  With such a big presence, many Japanese have a favorite maku burger.

The following is a list of the top ten McDonald’s sandwiches in Japan, based on the results of an internet poll.  Voters had from September 11 until midnight on September 16 to choose their favorite McDonald’s burger and a total of 207,948 votes were cast.

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