Brand-new premium sake Kit Kats are out in Japan, and they’re amazing【Taste test】

But how well do they pair with their liquid inspiration? SoraNews24’s Meg finds out.

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Starbucks’ first-ever Japanese hojicha tea Frappuccino is here, but how’s it taste?【Taste test】

After the incredible success of the green tea Frappuccino, Meg tries out the new tea flavor exclusive to Japan.

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Comparing the new made-in-China Oreos to the made-in-Japan ones we knew and loved【Taste test】

RocketNews24’s Meg pits the two cookies against each other, and also tosses made-in-China-for-China Oreos into the fray.

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One of Japan’s best-kept ice cream secrets…is hiding at a home improvement center? 【Taste test】

Meg shows us further proof that no matter where you go in Japan, you’re never very far away from something that tastes really good.

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How are Starbucks Japan’s Baked Cheesecake Frappuccinos? We find out 【Taste test】

Starbucks Japan takes a break from fruit and goes for the cheese in its newest dessert drink.

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RocketNews24’s Meg models the entire line of Japan’s new schoolgirl outfit loungewear 【Photos】

Ahoy, Sailor Meg!

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Our Japanese-language reporter falls in love…with Starbucks’ new cantaloupe Frappuccino

A mysterious and alluring stranger recently came into Meg’s life.

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The new Namacha reminds us that not all bottled green teas are created equal 【Taste test】

Kirin’s fresh take on bottled green tea turns our expectations, and frowns, upside down.

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Is Japan’s new pudding ice cream bar too much deliciousness to handle? 【Taste test】

With winter finally over, it’s time to start gorging ourselves on frozen desserts, starting with this combination of two of everyone’s favorite things: ice cream and pudding!

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A chivalrous afternoon out with one of Tokyo’s rental butlers

After spending every day working with the ruffians of RocketNews24, our reporter Meg could use some gentlemanly company.

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We try the latest crazy chip flavour from Japan: Strawberry shortcake 【Taste test】

Japan now has a new crazy potato chip flavour, and it tastes just like a Japanese Christmas cake!

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Does mint ice cream really taste like toothpaste and breath mints? RN24’s Meg finds out 【Video】

Our Japanese-language reporter Meg sets out to defend the honor of her favorite ice cream flavor by eating a breat mint sundae, and also makes her English RocketNews24 video debut.

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We try cute meals, drinks and sweets from Namja Town’s Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal menu

We recently brought you news of the enticing Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon-themed menu at Namja Town, an indoor theme park operated by Namco, in Tokyo. The themed offerings were really quite something, and after spending so much time poring over the unbelievably cute items on offer, we found ourselves itching to stop in for a visit!

And visit we did. Come with us now as we eat everything from Luna P-Ball, Sailor Moon’s Moon Stick, and even Tuxedo mask’s pocket watch. These incredible edibles are absolutely adorable and filled with so many surprising details they’re almost too cute to eat! Almost…

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Are Japanese rice cookers really better than Chinese ones? We test it out and get some surprises

Whether rightfully or not, Chinese products are much maligned for their supposed lack of quality. Even the Chinese people themselves are often critical of their own country’s products, criticizing everything from Chinese news to rice cookers.

But are they really that bad? Our Japanese reporter Meg recently went on a trip to China and brought back a Chinese rice cooker to test it out. She had a couple of surprises along the way, involving everything from getting the rice cooker to even work, to the taste of the final product, so read on to see how it all turned out!

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Official Sailor Jupiter bento boxed lunches being served now at Tokyo anime-themed cafe 【Photos】

Maybe we’re just predisposed to thinking with our stomachs, but even with all the brightly colored pleated skirts and magical monster battles in Sailor Moon, we always find our attention drawn to the food that shows up in the hit anime series. So when we heard that the official Sailor Jupiter bento boxed lunch is now being offered by a Tokyo cafe, took a break from marathoning episodes of the magical girl saga to go and try it for ourselves.

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Have you ever wondered what kind of smartphone Shaolin monks want?

Our rice-resurrecting Japanese writer Meg isn’t just one of our favorite writers, she’s also one of our globe-trotting writers! And while we’re always happy to hear from her, this report she filed from China has a particularly special place in our hearts because it’s from the Shaolin Temple in Hénán Province!

In addition to sightseeing, it seems that Meg also took the opportunity to chat with some of the Shaolin monks. So, what did Meg want to discuss with the ascetics she met? Did she ask them to accept her as a disciple or get them to teach her a special technique to defeat all her enemies? Or maybe asking them to tell her the secret to eternal life? Not quite…

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Japan has eggs that smell and taste like yuzu citrus fruit, and they’re amazing!

In a lot of ways, eggs are a pretty wonderful food. Cheap and versatile, they’re just about the quickest and easiest route to a hot, filling meal that’s high in protein and low in calories.

But while eggs may taste great, they don’t quite measure up to the standards set by other breakfast staples in the aroma department, such as sizzling bacon or freshly sliced grapefruit. Unless, of course, you’ve got your hands on some of these special eggs from Kochi Prefecture that smell, and taste, like yuzu, one of Japan’s most delicious citrus fruits. And yes, the scent is all natural.

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We drink Japan’s spaghetti popsicle (seriously)

Don’t worry everybody, we’re fine. We didn’t suffer a stroke halfway through writing this article’s title, and the RocketNews24 offices haven’t been violently seized by half-literate chimpanzees with a penchant for prose (we make a protection payment of a bunch of bananas each week to the simian mafia to prevent just such a thing).

Spaghetti-flavored popsicles really do exist in Japan, though, and we decided to melt one down to see what would happen.

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