Totoro and friends come out to play as cute new Studio Ghibli toys

The wind-up toys feature adorable movements designed to bring a smile to everybody’s faces.

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Rilakkuma appears in Japan as a 24-karat solid gold charm with a diamond belly button

This relaxed bear comes with a very expensive price tag.

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Japan’s Tower Records allows fans to obsess in style

Don’t just stuff your autographs and fan goods into a box – cover your walls with them!

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Pokémon characters show their love for sakura with cute new cherry blossom merchandise

Pokémon can now be caught frolicking in sakura-filled springtime scenes on tableware, stationery and beauty products.

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【Lucky Bag Roundup 2017】Donguri Kyowakoku lucky bag is packed with Studio Ghibli merchandise!

Fans of the acclaimed anime studio are swooning over this bag full of cute Ghibli merchandise that costs just 25 bucks!

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Resellers storm Pokémon Centers in Japan to get their hands on new Lillie merchandise

The exclusive product was gone in minutes.

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Sharpening these colored pencils will give you beautiful flower petals

With five different floral designs to choose from, this is one bouquet you’ll want to add to your pencil case.

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30th Anniversary collaboration results in vivid, eye-catching Dragon Ball T-shirts!

For die-hard Dragon Ball fans who can’t  bear to be parted from the characters of their favorite series! 

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Japanese bank releases Hatsune Miku credit card with exclusive member benefits

The awesome merchandise included in the special reward points program makes this the ultimate credit card for anime vocaloid fans.

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Pikachu teams up with popular ketchup maker for cute prize giveaway in Japan

The electric pokémon reveals his fondness for tomato sauce in this latest home-grown collaboration.

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Fans share photos of complete pandemonium while waiting to buy Kira Festival 2016 merchandise

This isn’t a scene from the running of the bulls — it’s from the running of the otaku at KiraFes 2016!

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Enjoy the characters of Kuroko’s Basketball as beautiful traditional crafts from across Japan!

Interested in seeing characters of the popular manga and anime Kuroko’s Basketball as pieces of traditional Japanese crafts? Well, here’s your chance!

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20th anniversary Sailor Moon watch makes all of our dreams come true

Sailor Moon fans, are you looking for the perfect item to commemorate the series’ 20th anniversary? This beautiful watch might be just that—but you’d better hurry because stocks are limited!

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Sailor Moon Miniaturely Tablet locket set dispenses mints, features the Eternal Moon Article

From food to chopsticks and even marriage registration certificates, we’ve been absolutely spoilt for choice when it comes to all the limited-edition Sailor Moon items that have been released this year.

One thing that’s been missing from all the new releases though, is the Eternal Moon Article from Sailor Stars, the fifth season of the hit anime series. Now the rare and powerful item is finally making an appearance, as it comes to us in the form of an adorable miniature locket filled with tiny peach mints to keep us fighting fresh throughout the day!

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New Star Wars home collection from Japanese manufacturer brings the Force to interior decorating

If you’ve ever wanted to fill your house with Star Wars furnishings, now you can, thanks to the Star Wars/Premium Home Collection from Japanese furniture manufacturer IDC Otsuka.

The 150-piece plus collection includes cushions, rugs, tableware, ukiyo-e woodblock prints, coat hangers, and even a variety of bobbly-headed Japanese kokeshi dolls.

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Sailor Moon Honey Salon accessories releasing in Japan this holiday season

Sailor Moon and fashion shop Honey Salon are collaborating to release a string of new products in time for the holidays to be sold at Honey Salon locations in Japan.

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Sexiest stickers ever? Boys’ love game maker produces official stickers of gentlemen’s nip-nips

Earlier this week, we took a look at Out Division, a boys love online game produced by BLobby, and its unique nipple matching memory game. Even among fans of the genre, people who generally enjoy the visual delight that is dishevelled men, some found the nipple-centric features of Out Division to be slightly disturbing and borderline ridiculous.

But it seems the game maker’s fixation with man nips doesn’t end there: BLobby has announced its participation in this year’s Animate Girl’s Festival, and it has prepared some rather eye-catching merch for the event…

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Little Witch Academia: The Enchanted Parade now showing in Japan with exclusive merchandise

Never has there been a more enchanted tale than that of a school of young witches and the small, newly founded animation studio that created them. Their success story reads like a fairytale: two former Gainax employees create Studio Trigger in 2011, release the animated short Little Witch Academia two years later, and thousands of fans across the world immediately fall madly in love with their film, eagerly raising funds through Kickstarter for a follow-up movie, which surpassed its goal of US150,000 in five hours, and ultimately made $625,518 for their next film.

Now it’s time to see what this group of dedicated fans helped to create, as the new film, Little Witch Academia: The Enchanted Parade has finally hit big screens for a limited two-week run in Japan. And to add to the excitement of the highly anticipated release, there’s a line of exclusive merchandise available for film-goers to purchase until the film finishes screening on 23 October.

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Starbucks Coffee Korea celebrates 16 years with color-changing tumbler

Who doesn’t love a birthday? And while usually the best thing about birthdays is all the cool stuff you get, Starbucks Coffee is instead celebrating 16 years in Korea by giving things away.

To mark this special occasion, the coffee house chain has released a special range of merchandise including an anniversary mug, thermos and, very cool glass tumbler which changes colour as the temperature drops. The color-changing tumbler takes us back to when we were kids and Hypercolor T-shirts were all the rage.

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Even more interesting facts to complete your Hello Kitty knowledge!

Hello Kitty was a hot topic for a while last year when news suddenly broke that Kitty-chan wasn’t a cat! Of course that subject was cleared up by Sanrio representatives, but it got us wondering, what other sordid secrets does Hello Kitty hide behind that cute veneer? One of the writers for our Japanese-language sister site Pouch is a huge Hello Kitty fan and she’s compiled a list of factoids about the lovable Kitty-chan. You will definitely learn something new after reading this 33-item list!

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