Why wait for the Shamrock Shake when Japanese cafe chain has awesome mint choco shakes right now?

Sorry, McDonald’s, but no way are we waiting until March for our mint dessert drink fix.

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Japan’s mint chocolate sweet bean fish cakes are a delicious mouthful in both name and flavor

Looks like nothing we’d ever have imagined, tastes like something we could only have dreamed of.

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Spice up your dental hygiene — with mint chocolate flavored toothpaste from Japan!

Who ever said that brushing your teeth had to be boring?

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FRISK breath mints to debut as cosmetics and skincare products!

How do you turn internationally popular breath mints into a line of cosmetics and skincare items? Here’s how!

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Does mint ice cream really taste like toothpaste and breath mints? RN24’s Meg finds out 【Video】

Our Japanese-language reporter Meg sets out to defend the honor of her favorite ice cream flavor by eating a breat mint sundae, and also makes her English RocketNews24 video debut.

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Gum gets frisky in Japan

The word “frisk” usually means “to pass the hands over someone in search for hidden weapons, drugs, or other items,” and don’t even get us started on the meaning of “frisky.” But in Japan, the naughty English word refers to something a little different: breath mints.

Frisk mints are commonly found in convenience stores and supermarkets across Japan. Although originally created in Belgium, the tiny yet powerful mints burst onto the fresh breath scene in Japan in 1992 and have since dominated the market. But now the brand is getting a little frisky with gum, arguably the cousin of breath mints. Oh my!

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