Depending on where in the world you live, adult movies could be anywhere from freely available to buy in their uncensored forms to banned completely. In Japan, naughty movies are, as we’ve seen, in plentiful supply, but most are subject to heavy censoring, with genitalia either blurred out or pixellated over; an effect referred to in the business as “mosaic” (or so I’m told…).

So when Apple recently rolled out its newest smartphone operating system, which features a visual design that, on certain screens, makes parts of background images look like they’re behind a layer of frosted glass, the first words that sprang into minds of many young Japanese were “porn mosaic”. Barely minutes after iOS 7 had been rolled out, cheeky photos began cropping up on Facebook and Twitter showing how, to quote one user, it is “the most erotic operating system ever.”

Mildly titillating and possibly NSFW images after the jump.

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