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New Taiiku Okazaki song is in Japanese but strangely sounds like English

The result is unintelligible in either language, but it still sounds cool.

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Legendary chicken-loving Japanese yodeler releases new music video: “Chicken Attack”【Video】

Yodeling, chickens, ninjas, and more! What else do you need?

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Japanese Twitter taken over by butt-rubbing bears who love to “slap the bass” 【Video】

It’s a polar-izing music video we can’t bear to look away from.

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Tokyo government teams up with Japanese rapper to promote roller coaster subway system【Video】

Take a look at Tokyo’s underground tunnels from the driver’s seat of a train in this awesome new music video.

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Romantic Christmas version of PPAP really pulls at the heartstrings【Video】

The Japanese band White Jam have created a surprisingly good Christmas version of the now world-famous PPAP song.

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Ryuk from Death Note performs Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen in official release video

Nobody is happier with a Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen than the apple-loving owner of the Death Note notebook.

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Check out Utada Hikaru’s unique 360-degree making-of video for her song “A Bouquet for You”

It’s a “making of” video like you’ve never experienced before!

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Pop/gravure idol Ai Shinozaki releases interactive “video phone call” music video for new single

Well-endowed star Ai Shinozaki celebrates her major record debut in a majorly cool way.

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Wagakki Band breathes life into the Olympics with “Kishikaisei”

Maybe Wagakki Band will open Tokyo 2020!

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Would you like to see a video of a cat boy band? Of course, you would!

Forget K-pop — it’s all about the cat-pop!

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New Sputniko! music video presents modern take on traditional myth, inspired by real life science

Unrequited love? This scientist may have found a solution!

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Finally! A music video portrait orientation, perfect for the smartphone age【Video】

This clever little video makes it seem like they’ve hacked your iPhone.

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Babymetal debuts music video “The One”, featuring English lyrics and giant fox heads

Babymetal has released a music video for “The One” ahead of their upcoming album Metal Resistance…and it’s got lots of English lyrics!

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BABYMETAL debuts music video for “Karate”, the lead single off new album

You wouldn’t want to mess with the disciples of the Fox God.

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Geezer group JI-POP is here to promote tourism, steal your grandma’s heart【Video】

Move over, Arashi! Step aside, Exile! There’s a newer, older boy band in town.

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Muscly Italian men perform Sailor Moon music video, complete with senshi transformations【Video】

muscular, all-male Sailor Moon senshi group has just released a live-action music video in honour of the hit anime from Japan.

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Japanese band’s music video is like a psychedelic sushi nightmare【Video】

If you like your sushi with a side of crazy psychedelic, this new music video from long-serving Japanese band Orange Range will definitely whet your appetite.

Called “Sushi Tabetai – featuring Soy Sauce”, the catchy tune and mesmerising images are the perfect blend of cute and bizarre that we’ve come to love from the Japanese music scene.

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Synchronized robot dance group World Order performs their final music video together【Video】

Here at RocketNews24, we’re huge fans of the hypnotically synchronized dance group World Order. We’ve followed them dancing all over Tokyo, London, and even giving one of the most amazing opening pitches to a baseball game ever.

The group has recently put out a new music video entitled “The Next Phase” where they show off their robotic moves in Paris and Berlin. While it’s just as impressive as their other videos, this one has a bittersweet twist: it will be the last performance by the group’s leader Genki Sudo.

Watch the video and find out why he’s leaving at the link below!

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Japanese salarymen and OLs make company-wide music video of AKB48’s “Halloween Night” 【Video】

For the past two years AKB48 has asked fans and company staff to submit their own music videos to their newly released singles, and their latest track, “Halloween Night”, is no exception. While the song and official video are fairly typical AKB fare, the fan videos of it are really something to see.

And perhaps the best submitted music video so far belongs to the lovely employees at the Japanese internet advertising firm Cyber Agent. Men and women from every department shake and strut to the AKB Halloween beat, and watching it may cause you to suddenly want to work somewhere else.

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Stunning merger of animation and music “nowisee” is gorgeous, hypnotic, perplexing【Video】

Japan is a pro when it comes to creating confusing things. Whether it’s food, anime, toilets, or even methods of relaxation, it’s not uncommon to be baffled at the beginning, still not quite sure what happened at the end, and yet, for some reason, craving more when it’s all over.

So let’s welcome the latest awesome but very confusing thing Japan made: nowisee (pronounced “noise”). Is it an anime? A music video? A promotional video? Something… else? The answer to all of the questions is a resounding maybe, and the only way you can begin to understand is by watching it.

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