Invasion of the blurry, white objects: Alien UFOs spotted over Tokyo?

Alien conspiracy theories have been with humankind for as long as we’ve looked up at the sky and thought “Holy crap, what is all that?!” Of course, we’ve answered a large part of that question, but the unknown and not-quite-totally-explained still account for vast swathes of the world around us, like “dark energy,” calculus, and what’s really in McNuggets.

And while scientists are hard at work answering our questions, we’re sorry to say we’re not really helping. Here’s one more thing to add to the list of the unexplained: Strange lights spotted in the sky over Tokyo!

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“Someone is dead in your room” phone call triggers Osaka’s eeriest dead body incident

Police in Sakai City, Osaka are currently investigating a 46-year-old man found hanged in an public housing complex apartment that wasn’t his. The actual owner, a 21-year-old man, has since disappeared. This strange story all started when the young tenant received a phone call from an unidentified man speaking in a Tokyo area dialect that said “someone is dead in your room.”

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Who’s Stealing our Flags? Osaka Prefectural Police Look for Clues

Having ruled out Colonel Mustard with a candlestick in the dining room (thanks Hasbro), Osaka prefectural police at the city’s Taisho station are trying to figure out who made off with national flags from two of the district’s elementary schools on April 16.
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Okinawa Man in Bizarre Death, Power Tool and Fishing Equipment Found Nearby

It’s time to put on your detective pants and try to figure out what happened in this strange death of a man in his 70s in Okinawa. Details are sketchy but police are leaning towards an accidental death.

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Delicious Food and Sleuthing for Women, Provided by “Closed Restaurant”

If you think “Closed Restaurant: Jewels of the Lady” sounds more like a mystery novel than an eating establishment, you’d actually be half right.

Early next year, the Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo will be offering patrons the chance to participate in a unique dining experience that mixes good food with a riddle-solving treasure hunt. The event is aimed at young women and requires participants to apply in teams of two, with one of the members a female.

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