optical illusions

The blue/black or white/gold dress debate gets an anime edition, with a startling answer【Video】

Fan artist clothes one of anime’s top idols in two dresses…or did he?

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Strawberries that aren’t red, plus other amazing optical illusions from Japan’s Akiyoshi Kitaoka

The Kyoto psychology professor is making people all over the world doubt their eyes.

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Optical illusions from Japanese Twitter leave us questioning the universe and reality 【Videos】

Everything you think you know about shapes and colors is a lie.

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Korean artist seamlessly blends real life with beautiful optical illusions【Photos】

You may not believe your eyes, no matter how many of them you have!

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Can you spot the real feline in this “opti-cat illusion?” 【Pics】

Cats once again prove they are not quite the masters of disguise that they think they are.

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Ironically, only people with poor eyesight are said to be able to see this optical illusion

As a teenager, I held off on getting glasses for as long as I could, only caving once the DMV told me I’d be a danger to myself and others behind the wheel without them. Up until then, I’d figured everyone saw the world as I did, that is to say that everything became blurry and indistinct at about the distance I could accurately throw a baseball (and I was a football player, by the way).

Wearing glasses for the first time, I was amazed by how much detail I could see in the world around me. I could see the individual leaves on trees, for example. But as great as all the details that come with naturally good or corrected vision are, there’s apparently a tradeoff, as shown by this optical illusion that’s said to only be visible if you have poor eyesight.

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Optical illusion, or mind game? Japanese website asks how many colors you see here

There’s a pretty standard progression that most people go through when they come across a optical illusion. Once the effect is revealed, you’re supposed to have a moment of disbelief, which gives way to wonder at the mysterious way our senses work, and a deeper understanding of and appreciation for how the complex human neurological system comes together.

Or, if you’re the stubborn type, you never get past the disbelief stage. If that describes your usual reaction, today you’re in luck, because it turns out there are actually two twists to this image making the round online in Japan, and possibly only one of them is intentional.

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Forget the dress, how many shades of blue do you see here?

The internet was all aflame last week with debates over the color of a certain dress, so we should know by now that our eyes are damn, dirty liars. In case you want more proof of that, take a look at the picture above. How many shades of blue do you see? Are you sure about that?

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