Forget schoolgirl panties, the latest pants craze in Japan now is year-old used fisherman jeans

No one breaks in a pair of jeans better than a man who breaks through the ocean.

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Innovative electronic drumming pants makes touching yourself a musical affair

“Ding ding ding-ding! Oh yeah!!” That’s what he said. Or rather, what his crotch said.

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Inakaya Denim jeans are the latest farm-fresh Japanese-inspired fashion item

G-Star Raw is ready to take this design out of the fields.

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Japanese fashion label’s samurai chino pants are on the move again with new colors

Because a true master swordsman recognizes the importance of skillful color coordination.

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Japanese brand’s leather hakama will satisfy your samurai and fashionista urges all at once

Kyoto designers give the traditional garments a stylish twist.

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Japanese fashion company brings modern-day samurai look to your legs with hakama chino pants

Samurai style advances below the belt.

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This guy puts pants on like a champ…without using his hands

We’ve seen a lot of things here at RocketNews24, from unholy Thomas the Tank Engine doodles to Ladybeard and Sailor Suit Old Man, but we’ve never seen anything quite like this before.

The following video needs no introduction, so sit back, relax, and enjoy footage of a young man from China putting on his own pants without using his hands to the tune of “The Final Countdown.”

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Pervert News: Man Asks for Directions, Informs Woman He is Going Commando 【News Nibble】

Officials in the city of Sanda, Hyogo Prefecture, have released a statement urging women to be on their guard after a man stopped to ask a woman directions on the street before telling her that he was going without any underwear.

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Man Enters Woman’s Apartment, Demands Underwear at Knife-point

A 32-year-old man in the town of Hino, Tokyo, was arrested late last week on suspicion of having entering a woman’s apartment and demanding that she hand over her underwear.

According to an FNN News report, the man crept into the premises before brandished a knife and telling the resident to surrender her panties, but was apprehended soon after.

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