Cute cat rescues sister from cardboard box 【Video】

The most hilarious moment in the video is the look on the cat’s face when it finally escapes from the box.

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Cute cat puts smile on owner’s face with adorable surprise behind closed door

The discovery in a darkened room is lighting up hearts around the internet.

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Video of cute cats playing on stairs is filled with relaxation and adorable gazes

This family of cats is so good-looking every move they make is like a pose from a magazine.

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Cute cat can’t stop putting its paw on human’s mouth【Video】

This sleepy kitty knows what it wants and there’s nothing its owner can do about it.

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Fix holes made by cats on screen doors and windows with cute new patches from Felissimo

Cover up damage left by your kitty with these tiny feline decorations!

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Japanese cat watching scary scene in Pixar movie has internet in stitches

Which Pixar movie could make kitty react this way?

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Japanese cat shocks owner with scary impression of Sadako crawling out of television

The freaky feline is giving people chills with its uncanny resemblance to one of Japan’s most terrifying horror movie stars.

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Japanese kitty shows us that a cat pillow is a critical component of a proper cat nap【Video】

Hope you don’t have anything important to do today, because these two kitties are about to convince you that you need a nap right now.

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Cute hedgehog cools down like nobody’s watching 【Video】

The adorable little animal shows us how to cool down and melt hearts at the same time.

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Art-loving feline attempts to enter cat exhibition at Hiroshima museum

Will the cute black cat receive the red carpet treatment or will he be refused entry at the door for not having a ticket?

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Japanese cat wows the internet with an insatiable hunger for vegetables

From cucumbers to cabbage and sweet potatoes, this cat can’t resist the allure of a good vegetable.

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Cats appear at Japan’s famous Tanabata Festival in Sendai this summer

The huge streamer decorations that draw crowds from all around Japan will now feature adorable cat characters created by an anime artist.

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How to win tug-of-war with a dog who doesn’t want walkies to end

Watch this resolute stand-off dissolve into joyous jumping thanks to a simple trick by the pup’s owner.

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Japanese police spotted taking dog downtown like a felon in custody

The pup’s sad face makes us wonder what on earth he did to earn himself a ride in a cop car.

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Cute cat finds way to make humans bow down and worship him at Japanese shrine

The furry new deity, however, forgot about a couple of small yet important details.

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New Tokyo cat cafe filled only with “Apple Cats” who have feline AIDS

The initiative aims to increase awareness and reduce prejudice against cats infected with the virus.
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Japanese “Exorcism Holiday Plan” for dogs helps rid them of bad spirits in their unlucky years

Have your pet feeling rejuvenated both physically and spiritually after a getaway in Japan.

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New “species of snake” discovered purring in desert?【Video】

Could the long, twitching piece of fur belong to the body of a snake or some other cheeky animal?

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Videos of Japanese kitten learning to climb stairs are amazingly heartwarming and inspiring

They grow up so fast/adorably, don’t they?

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How to visit the cats of Jogashima Island Park on a “Tuna Ticket” from Tokyo

We take a trip to an island close to Tokyo and find a haven for adorably sleepy, relaxed kitties.
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