Team Japan’s goalkeeper is awfully good at catching cats

Soccer (or for those of you across the pond, football) is one of those sports you either love or hate. Some find the game thrilling, others can’t understand how a 1-0 victory is anything but an absolute bore. But even if you aren’t one of those people who are able to fully appreciate “the beautiful game,” we have a feeling you’re going to love the following set of photos featuring cute kitties instead of soccer balls.

Because who could resist the sight of Team Japan’s keeper, Eiji Kawashima, looking like he’s trying to wrangle a bunch of cats?

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Artist gives the finger to famous characters from fiction and real life

Our fingers are each a special snowflake, the ridges and whorls on the pads creating a unique pattern that sets us apart from anyone else. Criminals go to great lengths to make sure not so much as a pinky touches the scene to leave incriminating evidence, but if they get careless and leave a print behind perhaps they could give some of the following disguises a try.

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Human, doll or Photoshop disaster? Korean cosplayer’s doll-like appearance raises questions

Photo editing can be something of a double-edged sword; it can enhance your images and make everything look better, but left in the hands of the notorious Photoshop trolls, a simple portrait can easily become the biggest joke of the year.

It is common for cosplayers and photographers to tweak cosplay photographs to achieve a more convincing finish, but as with most things in life, moderation is key. A series of photos of a particular Korean cosplayer has been attracting attention online as of late, with many netizens calling it a case of Photoshop overdose. See the pictures and decide for yourselves after the jump!

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Mediocre comedy The Interview’s biggest fan is… North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un?

After a long and arduous production, terrorist threats from North Korea, a snap decision to pull the film and then, finally, a half-baked release both online and at independent theaters not fearful of sudden SCUD missile attacks, the much-talked about film The Interview is finally upon us and reviews are lukewarm at best. “Acceptable!,” “Moderately Chuckle-Worthy!,” and “More Dick Jokes Than You Can Shake a Sausage Link At!” seem destined to adorn the box art of the eventual Blu-ray release.

But there appears to be one very unexpected mega fan of the film, if one surreal photo is to be believed…

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You’re in for a big surprise if you fall for this bikini wearing DJ’s sexy poster!【Photos】

RocketNews24 has seen plenty of hot babes and cute girls, both real and not-so-real. I don’t know about you, but even as one of the contributors to this site, whenever I see an article with a portrait image of a girl splashed across the top of the page, my mind usually winds up with two questions: “Is this a guy?” and “Could it be Photoshop?” The Internet’s a dangerous place after all, as you know.

So today, instead of leaving you to guess if the babe featured in this article is a dude or not, we’ll just cut to the chase. Rest assured, there’s no crossdressing or genderbending in this one. There is, however, a bit… wait, make that A LOT of Photoshop involved. Or perhaps just a lot of eating. You’ll see what I mean after the jump!

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These Photoshop jobs are so bad they’re great【Pictures】

Remember when they used to say “the camera never lies”? No, me neither, but apparently people used to say that and actually kind of believe it. Of course, those people were wrong, because as long as there’s been photography, there have been people faking it – whether frolicking around with cardboard cut-outs of fairies, or releasing bizarre digitally edited pics for political reasons.

Today, we are delighted to bring you a selection of the most outrageously terrible Photoshop jobs we’ve ever seen. Some of these photo-editing geniuses have their tongues firmly planted in one cheek. Others have no idea how awful they are – and that makes them all the more awesome.

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Korean Photoshop Troll Trilogy: The shocking conclusion! 【Photos】

When you’re talking about sheer quantity, it’s hard to beat Chinese production, which perhaps why we’ve been treated to no fewer than seven installments of Photoshop trolling from China to date.

But the world’s most populous country doesn’t have a monopoly on taking bad photos and twisting the words of those looking for help doctoring them. Last year we looked at two batches of similar shenanigans from Korea, and today we’re going back for a third helping to finish off the trilogy before its inevitable gritty reboot.

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Chinese Photoshop Trolls Part 7: “We Guess We Made Another One” 【Photos】

If Chinese Photoshop troll compilations were movies – a concept we sort of decided to run with – the 10th in the series would certainly be getting kind of ludicrous, with a ridiculous title and themes that no one actually wanted or asked for. While we’re thankfully not up to the 10th in the series (yet – that one will almost certainly need to involve Photoshop trolls in space) we’ve somehow arrived at the seventh compilation, where we find the Chinese Photoshop trolls are starting to get, well, a little bit cocky…

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Hello Kitty superheroes would make the world a safer and cuter place for mankind

Superheroes such as the Avengers have won the hearts of fans across the globe with their awesome powers and cool suits (well, except the Hulk since he pretty much rips whatever he wears). But you know how some parents and teachers always complain that comics, animations and movies these days contain too much violence, and that isn’t good for the children?

If only there was a way to make our favorite superheroes milder and cuter, yet still awesome and powerful… Oh right! These Hello Kitty heroes should do the trick!

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Chinese students recreate movie magic with mortarboards and Photoshop【Photos】

A while back the Internet went crazy for one Korean high school’s ‘anything goes’ yearbook photos, but it looks like they’ve got some competition on the scene now from these Chinese university students who decided to do something a little different for graduation.

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These Disney princess live-action movie posters aren’t real but we’d pay for them anyway

Do you find it slightly disappointing that after all these years, Disney has never made a live-action film featuring the much adored Disney Princesses? I certainly do.

Well, as common nobodies we might not have the ability to start a production for live-action Disney Princess movies, but there is something we all have – our imaginations! Indonesian graphic designer Thomas Kurniawan combined his imagination with some nifty photo-manipulation skills to create these convincing live-action Disney Princess “movie posters”! Check them out!

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Cute or creepy? Chinese man photoshops himself into his girlfriend’s past 【Photos】

Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries: the big three gift-giving occasions.

“Happy Anniversary, honey!” you say to each other, eagerly awaiting the moment you can unwrap the special gift your sweetheart thought of this year. For girls, diamonds are always well-received, but something original, something that no one else has, is perhaps even more memorable than that shiny stone. A photographer in China has attracted the attention of the netizens around the world for his romantic, yet questionable anniversary gift.

Creepy or cute? You decide!

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【TBT】China’s Photoshop experts will fix your bad photos, but be careful what you wish for

Thanks to the high level of image processing technology available, even a picture taken by an arthritic spider monkey can be made to look like something from Ansel Adams’ portfolio. Beyond that we can even create scenarios which stretch the limits of our imagination. With a little practice, one could create a seamless photo of Mickey Mouse punching Mr.T in the stomach while gold coins shoot out of his ears.

With this in mind, some Photoshop artisans have taken to the web in China and are using their unique skill sets to make right what once went wrong in the world of photography. However, sometimes wires intentionally get crossed, leading to some seriously hilarious results.
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Adelina Sotnikova’s Facebook page plastered with photoshopped hate mail

Adelina Sotnikova’s gold medal at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics will no doubt be remembered as one of the most controversial wins in recent Olympic history. Despite the Russian putting on a dazzling performance, many felt that South Korea’s Yuna Kim deserved the win and that it was only through some decidedly suspicious voting on the part of the judges that Sotnikova was able to claim the first prize.

Since the event, the internet masses have been more than vocal on the issue, but this week Sotnikova’s own public Facebook page has been plastered with angry comments – mostly but not all from users with Korean usernames – and decidedly unflattering pictures of the skater’s face merged with that of animated ogre Shrek, who is shown as wanted for the theft of a gold medal, and photoshopped images of her standing in second place on the winner’s podium while Yuna Kim takes first.

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This week, on a very special Photoshop Trolls: One grandmother’s dying wish

For quite some time now we’ve had fun watching Asia’s Photoshop-skilled netizens have fun at the expense of others. Whether it’s putting boobs on a guy, or taking them of a woman, we’re always in for a chuckle. Still, it also makes you wonder what lies in the hearts of those anonymous artists. Do they have some sort of grudge against humanity as a whole to make us look as if we can fly by the power of our own farts with the mere click of a mouse?

Photoshop trolls’ souls were put to the test recently when a resident of Taiwan uploaded an old family photo along with his dying grandmother’s request: “Could anyone colourize this photo? Please grant this dying wish of my grandmother. All she wants is to be able to clearly see how her family once looked, one last time.”

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Chinese Photoshop Trolls and the Half-Blood Prisoner of the Deathly Phoenix Goblet (Part 6)

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time again, when the trolls of Photoshop land come out to wreak havoc on the greater community by deliberately misinterpreting their photo improvement wishes.

This where someone asks a free favor of Photoshop-skilled individuals to do something like change the background or make them look sexier, only for the ‘shop savvy individual to have them squatting in a men’s room or revealing more of their anatomy than they bargained for. Still don’t get it? Fine, check out the previous five installments (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5). We’ll wait…

Ready? Okay let’s go!

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10 obvious Photoshop fails from North Korea 【Photos】

Photo editing software like Photoshop can accomplish some impressive things when placed in the hands of a professional. When digital adjustments are perfectly rendered atop actual photographs, it can be hard to tell what’s real and what’s altered. There are times where these skills are used for silly fun, but when the aim of the game is sly deception, it’s especially important to ensure that none of your pixels are showing! For example, these photos out of North Korea could use a few more touch-ups.

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Photoshop manipulation of female model both horrific and impressive

The extreme Photoshop manipulation of fashion models – female ones especially – is probably one of the worst kept secrets of the fashion industry nowadays. But one advocacy group went beyond simple before/after photos and staged a photo shoot from start to finish to show just how crazy the process really is.

Global Democracy – a group that sort of weirdly advocates advocacy – created the time-lapse video that transforms an already perfectly good looking female model into physically unachievable perfection in a little over 30 seconds.

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Is Asia still so surprised by the power of Photoshop?

It’s an issue we encounter almost every day. From endless media outlets, we as consumers are constantly barraged with unrealistic beauty standards, which women and men alike must struggle to attain…that or become masters of Photoshop and exist on the Internet as a doctored illusion. Yeah, the professional paint program wasn’t quite enough to turn this unfortunate-looking man into a beautiful babe, but as long as there’s a working base to build from, the level of perfection that a bit of digital editing can help one attain is approaching divine. And yet, so many people are still surprised—horrified at times—to see a person’s “true” face after getting to know them as they appear in their profiles.

The following set of photos has been showing up on Asian news outlets as a sort of shocking reveal. But all we’re shocked by is the fact that a bit of make-up and basic Photoshop is still considered breaking news.

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Chinese Photoshop trolls part 5: Testing the limits of the PS masters!【Photos】

We’ve seen the Chinese Photoshop masters work their magic in Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4, which leaves us to wonder, exactly how creative can they get? Also, were those requests really sent in by the people in the photographs? Apparently we’re not the only ones pondering those questions. One brave hero sacrificed himself as a lab rat to test the limits of these photo editing experts. This time, only one photo was sent, and with a very simple request. Guess what?

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