Ninja-cats are hiding in homes around the world and we have 20 photos to prove it

When lying in bed at night, have you ever heard a weird noise — a creaking floorboard or the rustling of a piece of paper? Has food ever mysteriously disappeared? While it very well could have been a ghost, it could have just as easily been a ninja-cat hiding in the nooks and crannies of your home!

Some ninja-cats are more skilled than others, living in apartments and stealing food completely undetected by the owners. Others, however, are not so stealthy and occasionally get caught on camera. Observe!

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Chinese Photoshop Trolls Part 8: “We’re not even trying anymore”【Photos】

Let’s cut right to the chase. You guys know the drill: A mediocre photo; a desperate cry to the internet for help; Photoshop trolls jump in “to the rescue.” And thus hilarity ensues.

We’re proud (and a little bit incredulous, to be honest) to introduce the eighth compilation of photos created by the masters–say hello to everyone’s favorite Chinese Photoshop Trolls!

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Check out these 15 cat selfies from Japan

The cats have had it! After years of unsolicited fame, being victims to candid shots and paparazzi invading their space, they want to take some control over the pictures that their owners post on the Internet. And so the “cat selfie” is born.

While most cats don’t have smartphones or fingers, without which they can’t take pictures of themselves (although new technology is changing that…), cats around Japan have started posing for their owner’s cameras in such a way that it seems like they have been watching over your shoulder as you click through countless profile pictures on Facebook. They are becoming selfie pros. It’s adorable and we love it.

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Cute dog turns traditional fish pond into personal swimming pool【Photos】

If you’ve ever been to Thailand, you know that it can get really hot. It’s enough to make anyone look longingly at the nearest fountain, pond or puddle. Well, add a fur coat to that equation and I get why this Thai dog decided he wasn’t going to let a few guppies get in the way of a quick, cooling dip!

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Buyers’ remorse in China: After a record-breaking day of online shopping, the angry selfies begin

It will come as a surprise to many that the biggest online shopping day in the world is not Cyber Monday, but November 11.

China’s Singles Day, held on a date made up of auspicious number ones, has evolved into an online shopping bonanza for retailers (remember the guy who chose to declare his love by buying 99 new iPhones?). And Singles Day spending keeps going up and up: this year, Chinese consumers spent a record-breaking 57.1 billion yuan (US $9.3 billion) with Alibaba Group in 24 hours.

Not everyone was happy with their purchases, though, as disgruntled shoppers took to social networking sites to post sad selfies of clothes that weren’t quite as fabulous as they were expecting.

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Four urine-loving Tokyo men arrested for taking photos of girls who just couldn’t hold it anymore

Just in case you haven’t had a dose of creepy in a while, we bring this to you to keep you sober and careful in the future.

Being an adult female and an avid reader of news, I’ve come to realize over the years that there are a lot of creepy people in this world of ours. Within the past two years in Japan alone, for example, two stories that made headlines involved a man who was arrested for throwing cups of urine on women and another for kidnapping a girl to raise as his “ideal wife.” And now, another similarly creepy case has come to light, with four men being arrested in Tokyo for activities that I would rank pretty high on the creepy scale.

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Chinese Photoshop Trolls Part 7: “We Guess We Made Another One” 【Photos】

If Chinese Photoshop troll compilations were movies – a concept we sort of decided to run with – the 10th in the series would certainly be getting kind of ludicrous, with a ridiculous title and themes that no one actually wanted or asked for. While we’re thankfully not up to the 10th in the series (yet – that one will almost certainly need to involve Photoshop trolls in space) we’ve somehow arrived at the seventh compilation, where we find the Chinese Photoshop trolls are starting to get, well, a little bit cocky…

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A collection of 20 creative ‘sushi’ rolls that were invented outside of Japan

Love it or hate it, every country has their own take on sushi. While some of the creations, such as the California roll, are fairly tame and are now accepted as part of a normal sushi menu, we’ve also seen some of the odder versions out there, such as Hong Kong’s ‘killer sushi’, Nutella sushi in France, and my personal favorite–the absolutely adorable but sadly inedible cat sushi!

The quintessential component of sushi is vinegared rice, so while these creations can’t technically be called sushi, they’ve definitely taken a stylistic cue from the rolled shape of makizushi. And we have to admit, some of those fillings do look tasty…

Which of the following creations do you find most intriguing?

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【Monday Kickstart】A collection of cats sitting in funny poses

What is it about animals displaying human-like behavior that we find so intriguing? It beats us, but we can’t get enough of the following cats sitting in weird poses. 

If you need that little extra push to get through the start of the week, keep calm, brew some coffee, and carry on with these cats!

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Twitter trend of the week – posting cosplay pictures side by side with originals

In the past few days, Japanese cosplayers have flooded Twitter with their own cosplay photos situated next to original pictures of the character(s) they’re portraying. This approach is convenient because viewers can see at a glance both the source material and how well the rendition turned out.

So far, we’ve seen anime characters, Disney characters, video game characters, celebrities, robots, mythical river demons, and more! Keep reading to pick out your favorites.

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Chinese students recreate movie magic with mortarboards and Photoshop【Photos】

A while back the Internet went crazy for one Korean high school’s ‘anything goes’ yearbook photos, but it looks like they’ve got some competition on the scene now from these Chinese university students who decided to do something a little different for graduation.

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The girl with the keyboard hat – Chinese fashion designer delights and baffles【Photos】

One Weibo user has attracted a lot of attention overnight by posting her unconventional fashion designs. She has already gained nearly 75,000 followers, even though she has only been a member for 42 days. While some think it’s all a big joke, she may just be ahead of her time.

The designer doesn’t say much about her work; most of her posts are simply captioned “my design.” She models her own works, but her face is usually expressionless. It’s not surprising, as her designs - which mostly involve balancing computer keyboards, rocks, plastic bottles, and vegetables on her head – speak so loudly.

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Werewolf cat! Spooky new feline equal parts cute and creepy 【Photos】

You might have seen something—or someone?!—like the guy above prowling in the moonlight, but I’m afraid he’s not proof of the supernatural, he’s just a new breed of cat called a Lykoi, or “wolf” in Greek. Of course, most people are just calling the breed what it looks like: a werewolf cat!

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Polar vortex solves #1 cat dilemma: Inside or out?

This winter has seen some astonishingly low temps and heavy snow even in places that normally enjoy mild winter weather. In fact, the chilly weather has even stopped one finicky feline from pursuing her favorite pursuit: meowing to be let out and then meowing to be let back in.

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Girls just wanna be plastic: Seventh “real-life doll” appears in Odessa, Ukraine【Photos】

We’re not sure what’s happening in Ukraine, but it might be time to call Scully and Mulder: It seems like all the women are turning into dolls!

As the group of real-life dolls grows from a few ladies on YouTube into something resembling an international movement, the seventh “real doll” out of Odessa, Ukraine has appeared! Named Alina Kovaleskaya, the 20-year-old woman is as convincing and startling as any who’ve come before, though she insists there’s a key difference.

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Is that a horse in your parking lot or are you just happy to see me?

While Japan is certainly home to a wide variety of animals, from adorable Shiba Inu to emotive puppies, one creature you don’t see too often is the horse. Sure, they’re out in the countryside doing horse stuff–eating, pooping, and running like the wind–but it’s not like you see a horse just hanging out in front of convenience stores. I mean, seriously, this isn’t The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Or is it??

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Family Mart: Master of disguise?

When setting up shop around famous landmarks, it never hurts to blend in. Especially in Japan, where tourism accounts for roughly five percent of the GDP. You wouldn’t want to destroy the tourist attraction by ruining the ambiance, right?

On the other hand, there’s not really very much that’s “traditional” about Family Mart convenience stores, so we had to wonder what kind of disguise would get slapped on their store near Ise Grand Shrine…

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【Awesome Nature Pics】 See penguins looking cooler than ever!

We hope many of you out there love penguins, because if you do, you’re in for a real treat! (And if you don’t already love penguins, we’d like to respectfully suggest that you see the movie Happy Feet or March of the Penguins, or preferably both, so you too can become a happy believer in penguin power.) We admit, we’re quite partial to these little black-and-white fellas, and we’ve brought to you our fair share of penguin stories in the past, from flying penguins  to penguins without heads, to name a few.

Well, today, we have a selection of photos that show penguins as wild animals, plain and simple, in all their natural magnificence and of course, cuteness! So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some amazing shots of our webbed-footed friends along with a compilation of comments from Japanese Internet users.

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Here comes a new challenger! Enter the Korean Photoshop trolls

Market analysts have been reeling after the announcement of South Korean upstarts in the lucrative field of Photoshop trolling. For those unfamiliar, this is when people submit their photos for processing to remove unwanted people or change backgrounds. However, inevitably the Photoshop specialist “misunderstands” the request and a good time is had by all… except for the person submitting the photo I guess.

For example, a woman asking to look like a superhero should have been more specific when the Photoshop artist choose the Invisible Woman and wiped her from the image completely. Previously China had a firm hold on Photoshop trolling in Asia but now it appears South Korea is stepping up to the plate. Let’s see what they’ve got!

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Once Seen, Can Never Be Unseen: Pictures That Speak a Thousand Obscene Words

A picture speaks a thousand words, so they say. But if pictures could actually talk, sometimes you wish they would just shut up and go away. Other times, no matter how awful or shocking a picture may be, you somehow can’t tear your eyes away and you stare in bewilderment, struck by new fears for the future of humanity, wondering why cameras were ever invented if they were just going to be used to chronicle mass pool orgies of blow-up dolls.

If you can shed light on any of these shocking images, comments are very welcome. Japanese netizens were mostly left dumbstruck by the level of perversion. More bizarre amateur photography coming up after the break! Obviously, NSFW…

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