Poisonous pufferfish sales blow up as prices drop

One of the more notorious items of Japanese cuisine has got to be fugu (pufferfish). It’s well known for its delicious taste and texture, its traditionally high price tag, and of course the lethal poison stored in its meat.

In Japan’s fugu industry, February 9 is known as “Fugu Day” in yet another Japanese pun-inspired holiday. This Fugu Day in particular has seen some rock-bottom prices for the once pricey fish thanks largely to government deregulation. But is it safe?

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Man arrested for year-long terrorism campaign against manga “Kuroko’s Basketball”

On 12 October, 2012 a plastic container was left on the second floor in the gymnasium of Tokyo’s Jochi University (aka Sophia University), one of Japan’s most prestigious schools and alma mater of Tadatoshi Fujimaki the writer of the hit manga series Kuroko’s Basketball (aka The Basketball Which Kuroko Plays).

Inside the container was a liquid capable of releasing poisonous hydrogen sulphide. Attached was a note which read, “I hate Fujimaki.”

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Japanese Man Charged with Poisoning Co-Worker’s Shoe

Imagine the horror of having your toes suddenly start to die and need amputation for seemingly no reason. Then imagine it turned out to be the result of a colleague attempting to kill you.

This bizarre situation has been reality for one unnamed woman in Yamanashi Prefecture for the past four months. A fellow employee, 40-year-old Tatsujiro Fukuzawa, was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder on 28 March.

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Customer at Shenyang McDonald’s Accidentally Served Detergent, Seriously Ill

According to a Yahoo! Japan News report, a woman in Shenyang, China, is seriously ill after drinking detergent from a cup left on the counter, believing it to be cola.

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