Matcha ice cream used to encourage young people to vote in upcoming Japanese election

As 18 and 19 year olds are now allowed to vote in Japan for the first time this year, a surprising campaign is being advertised to encourage them to take to the polls.

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Nara deer takes a stand against upcoming Japanese election by eating electoral poster

And Japanese Twitter users are quick to provide us with some hilarious political commentary.

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You gotta fight for your right to flash mob?

Is a flash mob protected free speech? The Japanese courts will decide.

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The Obama Bowl — Hiroshima restaurant’s newest dish salutes visit by U.S. president 【Taste test】

Thanks, Obama (for lunch)!

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U.K. Foreign & Commonwealth Office’s cat charms and surprises Japan by Tweeting in Japanese

Two months into his job, the feline Palmerston is already looking to expand his outreach to a global scale.

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Foreign press greeted by unusually conspicuous ninjas at G7 summit

Normally you wouldn’t see a ninja until it’s too late…

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The Washington Post would like you to meet RocketNews24’s Mr. Sato

RocketNews24’s Director of Craziness gains even more international fame as the award-winning American news organization showcases his Donald Trump makeover.

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What happens when you go to a Tokyo hair salon and say “Make me look like Donald Trump”? 【Pics】

In his latest makeover, RocketNews24’s very own Mr. Sato becomes The Donald.

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Weaponized wig offered to Donald Trump by Japanese inventor

Celebrity inventor and “Greatest Scientist in History” Dr. NakaMats throws his support behind the Republican front-runner in the form of the mightiest weapon known to man: Guard Wig.

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This is the most ridiculous claim that China has on the South China Sea

Since the establishment of modern China following World War II, both China and Taiwan have claimed nearly the entirety of the South China Sea as their own.

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Man strips down to Sailor Moon cosplay outfit to disrupt Donald Trump political rally 【Video】

Maybe the U.S. presidential candidate doesn’t have as much otaku cred as some people think he does.

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Little sister anime star grows up, becomes spokesmodel for Japan’s teen voter education campaign

My little sister can’t possibly be this politically active, can she?

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Madonna gaffe reminds us how tricky it can be to hold a concert in Asia

With mixed messages in Japanese and moves stirring up hard feelings in mainland China, Madonna’s Taiwan leg of her Rebel Heart Tour left people with lots to talk about.

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Taiwanese president-elect’s resemblance to anime character reportedly affecting comic sales

Taiwanese otaku recently greeted Tsai Ing-wen with shouts of “Kirishima!”, which is causing problems for some dojinshi artists.

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Political commentator says Donald Trump supporters whack off to anime 【Video】

MSNBC discussion takes a suddenly dirty/creamy turn.

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Here’s what Koreans think of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump【Video】

Of course, the hair got plenty of attention… 

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Prime Minister Abe does super cute shuffle-jog into meeting room, China falls in love【GIF】

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met Russian President Vladimir Putin at the U.N. headquarters in New York on September 28 to discuss advancing negotiations on long-standing territorial disputes between the two countries.

Rather than focusing on politics, however, netizens have been focusing much more on the fact that, having arrived late to the proceedings, Prime Minister Abe performed an adorable little shuffle-jog straight towards the Russian prez. So adorable, in fact, that some Chinese netizens have completely reversed their initial impressions of Prime Minister Abe, and now apparently think he’s the last word in kawaii!

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Check out Chinese media giant’s weird, passive-aggressive video assault on America 【Video】

It’s probably safe to say that China’s relationship with a number of countries is a little bit strained at this exact moment. The massive East Asian country has been enjoying something of a renaissance recently, but with that has come myriad international political issues as the country—and those interdependent with it for trade—grapple with China’s newfound status as an economic superpower.

But is China overstepping its bounds with this passive-aggressive, thinly veiled threat against the United States?

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Japanese PM Abe accidentally thanks the inventor of the retweet while trying to reach Indian PM

Some of you may have noticed during the royal rumble that ensued in the Japanese Parliament late last week, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe quietly slipped out while members of his party continued to fight back a horde of angry legislators so that they could usher in changes to the way the constitution is understood. At first, I wondered why he would duck out at such a moment, but then I remembered: it’s his biiirthdaaay♪

Yes, on 21 September, Japan’s fearless leader turned 61. Unfortunately his age is really starting to show in his lack computer savvy. We already know the PM has his own Twitter account after Abe revealed that he pays his Twitter fees just like the rest of us. But apparently he still hasn’t grasped how to use the “@” symbol properly when a message of thanks to the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi accidentally went to the wrong guy, who also just happened to help develop Twitter.

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War and One Piece: How Japan’s constitution was changed

The above scene of Japanese elected officials climbing on top of each other like extras in a Pearl Jam music video made headlines worldwide much to the country’s chagrin. And it was in this way that Japan has officially reinterpreted its constitution to allow military deployment to other parts of the world for the first time since World War II.

Yes, rather than through persuasive speech and the rational debate that government was designed to produce, the future course of Japan had been steered by underhanded tricks, shoving matches, and even a decoy legislation made of a One Piece advert.

But were these uncivilized tactics motivated by honest passion and the sheer intensity of the situation, or were the elite of Japanese society simply showing their true nature of political impotence? To find out, let’s take a look at how the whole fracas started.

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