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World’s holiest toilet found in Japan – shines heavenly light and sings “Hallelujah” 【Video】

Let’s just hope that’s not where holy water comes from.

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Alarming tweet about hidden camera coat hooks in Japanese restrooms sparks anger online

Pay close attention to hooks in public restrooms—they may not be what they seem.

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Poll reveals what we already know: Japanese toilets make no sense, confuse us all

Between the futuristic Blade Runner-esque toilets and the slightly terrifying (but healthier for you) traditional squatters, Japanese restrooms can be a bit intimidating for a first-time user. And even for those who have lived in Japan for a while, using a public toilet can still be a daunting task. So to better understand restroom woes for those coming from overseas, Japanese toilet manufacturer Toto recently surveyed 600 foreigners living in Japan about toilets in the country and what confuses them most.

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Public Toilet Transformed into a Hotel, Opposite Side Remains a Public Toilet

For a limited time only, one side of a public restroom in Osaka’s Nakanoshima Park has been turned into a one-room hotel.

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