Poisonous pufferfish sales blow up as prices drop

One of the more notorious items of Japanese cuisine has got to be fugu (pufferfish). It’s well known for its delicious taste and texture, its traditionally high price tag, and of course the lethal poison stored in its meat.

In Japan’s fugu industry, February 9 is known as “Fugu Day” in yet another Japanese pun-inspired holiday. This Fugu Day in particular has seen some rock-bottom prices for the once pricey fish thanks largely to government deregulation. But is it safe?

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Crop circles in the ocean? A new species of artistic pufferfish discovered in Japan

For years, crop circles have been a topic of mystery to surface-dwelling humans, but how many people have spared a thought for under the sea?

Off the coast of Amami Ooshima in Kyushu, divers and tourists alike have spotted strangely intricate geometric circles without knowing their origin. Was it paranormal activity or possibly locals with a shovel and too much time on their hands? Guess again! The culprit, it seems, is a particularly artistic new species of pufferfish!

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Treat Yourself to this Japanese Delicacy if You Dare – Ovaries From a Poisonous Fish!

You may think it’s crazy to voluntarily eat poisonous fish, but in the case of pufferfish, or “fugu” in Japanese, it’s something the Japanese have been doing for a long time. We understand how the idea of eating a potentially deadly poisonous fish could be off-putting to some, but most Japanese people wouldn’t think twice about going to a restaurant and having pufferfish; in fact most of us would welcome it as a treat, as a full-course fugu meal usually doesn’t come cheap. Well, this time, we have a story from one of the reporters at the Pouch website about an unusual way to have pufferfish, and this is definitely a recipe you won’t be able to recreate at home! Read More


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