You Can Now Slide Down a Giant Rei Ayanami Statue Until August 26

Well Evangelion fans, the moment you’ve been waiting for all these years has finally arrived: you can now slide down the leg of a 18.5 meter (60ft) statue of Rei Ayanami.

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Tokyo Ramen Shop Lets Customers Decide Price, Open Only Until August 8

Ramen is one of those foods that is usually either a hit or a miss. We know places in Tokyo where you can get a great bowl of ramen for 500 yen and places that charge you 1000 yen for something you could probably make better yourself with instant ramen from the convenience store.

In a perfect world, customers would be able to choose how much they pay for food based on the satisfaction derived from it. But alas, a perfect world it is not. Or is it? (It’s not)

Good news for ramen lovers out there, though! On July 25 a ramen shop opened in Shiodome, Tokyo that lets customers choose how much they pay for their meal after eating it!

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