Spicy Japanese potato snack Kara Mucho is now 800% spicier

Blast your taste buds to hell and back this summer with extreme spicy Japanese snacks.

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Matcha-flavored Garrett Popcorn, here we come!【Taste Test】

That’s right, Garretts Popcorn’s current seasonal flavor is “Matcha Caramel Crisp“, and we saw absolutely no reason whatsoever not to try it!

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Use this sly invention to sneakily store snacks at your desk and satiate those sudden munchies

When hunger strikes in the most inappropriate of places, it’s all about this new “potato chip camouflage” technology!

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Results of national poll for new flavor Calbee chips turn up “Tuna Corn Curry,” other bizarre flavors

With its “Potato Chips” brand celebrating its 40th anniversary, snack company Calbee decided to poll Japan residents on the flavors they’d like to see next…

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Calbee goes spicy with two new potato chip flavors — Thai tom yum kung and Sichuan-style tofu!

Some spicy new potato chip flavors are hitting Japan, but they’ll only be available for a month or so!

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Combining the new Pocky and “Teagurt” brings you kisses and the taste of cheesecake

These are just two of the reasons to love this awesome collaboration from Japan.

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Neco Meshi: The line of Japanese snacks that both you and your cat can eat! 【Taste test】

Snacks that cats and people alike can enjoy? It might not be as crazy as it sounds.

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Conan O’Brien is taking South Korea by storm all thanks to some Korean snacks【Videos】

His trip around the world was due to a fan who couldn’t focus on studying and instead used her time to send the TV host a box of Korean munchies.

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Pikachu-shaped popcorn snack coming to Japan this March

The electric energy of Pikachu tastes like puffs of crispy caramel.

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Get a behind-the-scenes look at how Pocky is made in this short clip of the Glico factory 【Video】

Take an inside peek into the production process of Pocky, the beloved Japanese snack which has found its way into supermarkets around the world.

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Green tea chocolate-covered potato chips arrive in Japan! 【Taste test】

It’s not like we really needed any more reasons to eat potato chips, but matcha and chocolate together make a pretty convincing argument.

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Get ready for a cherry-blossom-flavored spring with Sakura Butter potato chips from Calbee!

We may be in the dead of winter here in Japan, but snack makers are already coming out with a taste of Spring.

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Stingy Japanese arcade keeps schoolgirl from one of the greatest UFO catcher hauls ever 【Video】

Against the infamously difficult arcade games, sometimes you just can’t win, even when you just won.

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Nissin gets experimental with its Cup Noodles

Shampoos, bowling pins, erasers and more.

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We try the latest crazy chip flavour from Japan: Strawberry shortcake 【Taste test】

Japan now has a new crazy potato chip flavour, and it tastes just like a Japanese Christmas cake!

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Fried mochi ice cream tastes amazing, is super easy to make!【Recipe】

Snacks don’t get much more decadent than fried ice cream, but it can be intimidating to make for inexperienced fryers. Luckily we found that using Japanese ice cream snacks coated in gelatinous rice known as mochi instead really simplified things without sacrificing any of the taste.

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Happy Pocky Day! Celebrate 11/11 with a fistful of Pocky sticks and these awesome tweets【Pics】

‘Tis the season to eat Pocky! Celebrate Pocky Day with these amusing (and tantalizing) tweets from Japan!

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Like good-looking men? Now you can get your own ikemen hot guy in a bag…of chips!

Who isn’t fond of a little eye candy, right? Yup, we all like to take a look at good-looking guys (and gals) from time to time. But now, Japanese brand and product promotion company ESSPRIDE is giving us the chance to enjoy ikemen (hot guys) in a completely unexpected way…by pulling one out of a bag of chips!

That’s right, we present to you Ikemen Chips, a unique snack that comes with a special “hot guy card“, each featuring a picture and profile of an ikemen. And what makes the product especially interesting is that they’re actually regular guys working at various Japanese companies who have submitted their pictures and information to be made into the ikemen cards!

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Step aside, fortune cookies! Here come fortune cat rice crackers from Japan!

Fortune cookies can be sort of anti-climactic, can’t they? Most of the time, that little slip of paper just reminds you of some pearl of wisdom to help you make yourself a better person, instead of giving you the inside information on the future that you really wanted so that you could succeed in life without all that bothersome self-improvement stuff.

On the other hand, it’s hard to imagine anyone being disappointed if they cracked open their snack to find an adorably chubby cat figurine.

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Matcha green tea potato chips coming soon to make snack time in Japan cultured and delicious

Potato chips and matcha green tea seem like the opposite endpoints of the refreshment spectrum. Matcha is a refined, high-class drink meant to be sipped and savored in a quiet moment, whereas potato chips are often most enjoyable when scarfed down by the handful while watching sports or playing video games.

But sometimes the best way to find balance in life is with contrasting extremes, like the matcha potato chips that are about to go on sale in Japan.

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