Fight for Your Homeland with Hot Shrimp Girls in Japanese Civil War Social Game

Many Japanese people take pride in their home prefectures, and they have much to be proud about: each one of the country’s 47 administrative divisions has its own unique character, regional specialties, and even average breast cup size.

As such, there is naturally a bit of  harmless bickering between people of different prefectures over any number of issues. The people of Osaka and Hiroshima butt heads over who makes better okonomiyaki. Speakers of the northern Tohoku dialect take flak for sounding like country bumpkins, while speakers of the eastern Kansai dialect are perceived as loud and rude. Everyone picks on Saitama.

But would the good citizens of Hiroshima ever take up arms against their brothers and sisters in Osaka? Would the sturdy country folk of the Tohoku prefectures ever mount an assault against the boisterous denizens of Kansai?

Probably not, but in case they need an outlet, we recommend Tenka Touitsu Chronicle, a social game that lets you team up with players from your home prefecture to wage war against the rest of Japan until only one prefecture stands at the top.

Oh, and did we mention there are fried shrimp girls?

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