sound effects

Japanese YouTuber imitates Mr. Bean in a world where sound effects have gone wrong 【Video】

Could this be the long lost brother of Mr. Bean, Mr. Natto?

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Studio Ghibli sound effects master recreates canned coffee commercial with just his voice 【Video】

We bet you’ve never heard anything quite so “delicious for your ears” as this unique commercial and its accompanying second !

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What does a man putting on a bra sound like? Buy the audio track and find out!

I’ve written about a lot of strange things from Japan during my time, but this one definitely takes the top spot so far. Have you ever wanted to know what sort of sounds men make in their downtime? Or wanted to capture them on tape so that you could replay them again and again? No, me neither. But apparently there’s enough demand for people to make a CD of these sound effects, and said CD reveals some surprising things going down in this ‘men’s time’.

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