Kendo mask chopstick rests bring samurai spirit to any meal

Now you can practice your master swordsmanship skills with chopsticks and a miniature ceramic opponent.

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The women’s wrestling league in Japan is way more intense than WWE

If you thought the WWE was intense, you haven’t witnessed Stardom, the professional women’s wrestling league in Japan.

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Fighting duo displays some real girl power with impressive dodging and spear work 【Video】

Those kicks were fast as lightning! In fact it was a little bit frightening…

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Talented Japanese sixth graders pull off mind-blowing jump-rope routine【Video】

It’s a performance that’s almost too cool for school!

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Video explores fencing strikes and rules, looks super badass 【Video】

Dentsu Lab and Japanese fencing master Yuki Ota team up to bring you this dreamlike (and totally badass) video of two fencers in combat, enhanced with practical and digital effects.

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Modern concerto fuses classical music and ping-pong for an epic performance【Video】

If you were someone who could never decide between music or sports in school, this crazy oncerto might be right up your alley.

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Champion sumo wrestler show off his amazingly efficient autograph production line 【Video】

As a sumo wrestler, it takes speed and precision to succeed in the ring, and to keep your fans supplied with autographs.

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Bizarre butt-centric “water sports” manga set to get anime adaptation

Anime just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

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Bikini-clad Sailor Moon cosplayer hits the slopes for sexy snowboarding fun times【Video】

Because what else would you do in a Sailor Moon bikini?

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Adidas collaborates with singer Rita Ora to create geisha-inspired collection

The range even includes a couple of sporty kimono.

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Why are the Los Angeles Dodgers wearing the caps from Nagoya’s professional baseball team?

Is the storied L.A. franchise ripping off the uniform of the Japanese club, or is this just a case of “What goes around comes around?”

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Combat math – Professional sumo wrestler’s throw follows the golden ratio

The golden ratio has been seen in mathematics, architecture, music, natural phenomena…and now sumo wrestling.

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New Tokyo Olympic stadium architect responds to accusations of plagiarism

It seems controversy over the new National Stadium for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics isn’t over yet.

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Young limbo-skating prodigy has moves like Spider-Man, smashes world record【Video】

An insanely flexible young Indian athlete breaks the Guinness World record for limbo skating.

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Putin puts the moves on Russian judo team during practice in Sochi

Haven’t had enough of Vladimir Putin this past couple of weeks? Watch the Russian leader take a break from his presidential duties to rumble with the country’s national judo team.

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Dog trips runner at New Year’s relay race in Japan, may have cost victim’s team the win【Video】

If we were this dog’s owner, we would be sure to keep our pet pooch securely on a leash during the upcoming Tokyo Olympics…

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Japanese professional baseball players amuse fans with girly crossdressing makeovers【Video】

It was quite a show at the Rakuten Eagle Fan Festival 2015, where players from the Japanese professional baseball team dressed as female look-alikes drew the most laughs and smiles from the audience.

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Japanese pro-wrestler wrangles love doll during 30-minute rumble【Video】

You’ve probably heard of, or possibly engaged in, a little “wrestling in the bedroom”, but what happens when you bring the bedroom to the ring? If you imagined a wrestling match between Japanese professional wrestler Kota Ibushi and a sex doll, let us offer you this video as an award.

It’s an encounter every bit as epic as you can imagine, and if you don’t do anything else all day, we urge you to grab some popcorn and tune in for some rough-and-tumble, rib-busting action (and we apologize in advance if you were looking for some other kind of action, but ended up on RocketNews24 by mistake).

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“Caterpillar Rugby” aims to level the playing field for people with and without disabilities

Sports are supposed to bring people together, giving a group a common goal to work towards and developing community spirit. Nevertheless, it can be difficult to find sports that everyone can enjoy, with many left out due to physical disabilities. However, the World Yuru Sports Association, which goes by Yuru Sports for short, has developed a game intended to level the playing field for everyone so people with and without disabilities get on the ground and play together.

And we mean get on the ground literally: the name of the game is caterpillar rugby and it’s incredibly accurate!

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Sumo sprinting really ought to be the next evolution in track and field【Video】

Let’s face it, something needs to be done about track and field. Although it could be considered human athleticism in its purest form, surely the art of running in a straight line is nearing our maximum potential as a species.

It’s time to take events such as sprinting to the next level. Luckily a small group of sumo wrestlers may have stumbled upon a way to bring another dimension to the sport, and another chin or two as well.

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