Old-school gamers will love these Famicom goods to be released this December

Nintendo Famicom’s red-and-white design makes for some stylish stationery!

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Beautiful cherry blossom-shaped Japanese pencils have a special surprise when sharpened

You might think they’re too gorgeous to use, but then you’ll miss half the fun.

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Fix wet pages in notebooks with this simple lifehack from Japan!

All it takes are two quick and easy steps to make wet notebooks look brand new again.

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Give gifts in Japanese origami-style bird envelope pouches!

This is the cutest alternative to wrapping paper we’ve ever seen!

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Open mail with the awesome Sailor Uranus Space Sword from Japan!

This beautiful letter opener features a number of gorgeous details.

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Japanese pen contains miniature coffee siphon that works with the warmth of human touch

Watching the liquid move and bubble as it reacts to warmth makes it easy to forget that this is actually a pen!

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Japan’s adorable kitty face sticky notes will barely help you remember, totally make you smile

What they lack in writing space, they more than make up for in cuteness.

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Japanese stationery now sprouts herbs in your garden with the Blooming Pencil

Once its life as a pencil is over, this innovative piece of stationery will colour your garden by blooming into a variety of edible plants.

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New cat stamps from Japan give you a cute kitty emoji for any occasion

Because the best way to express your thoughts is through kittens with wide-eyed faces and playful poses.

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Build a house from stationery with awesome new Minecraft erasers from Bandai Japan

Distract yourself from studying with new Minecraft eraser sets featuring blocks and characters from the mega-hit video game.

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Sailor Moon’s Moon Rod and Moon Stick cases will keep your personal seal stable and stylish

Anime’s most famous magical mother and daughter are here with a stylish alternative to signing your name.

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Cute adhesive cat tabs keep your pages marked with adorably playful poses

If you need to flag something important, these cheeky kittens will do the job for you.

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Checking out Muji’s lucky bag: Almost 10,000 yen worth of stuff for a fraction of the price

US$100 worth of Muji stationery for less than $10? It must be Lucky Bag time!

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Need more cuteness in your life? These Pikachu stationery items should do the trick!

Pikachu continues to zap brightness into our lives, this time as stationery in hand-drawn patterns!

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Latte sharpeners, mayo correction fluid and more will confuse the heck out of your friends【Pics】

Doing school or office work can be a real drag. Taking notes? Completing worksheets? Writing reports? You’ve got more pressing matters to attend to, like checking all of your social media sites for the fifth time in five minutes.

But in the end those things just have to be done, so why not mix it up a bit? Let your “latte” sharpen your pencils, your bottle of mayo white-out your mistakes, and your naan hold all of your writing utensils together. Take a look below to see all the nifty stationery goods that don’t even look like stationery at all!

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Japanese designer creates fun rubber bands sure to spice up any gift

In Japan presentation is everything, especially when it comes to gift-giving and packaging. In fact, sometimes packaging can be a selling point all on its own, like with these mix-and-match Gogo no Kocha (“Afternoon Tea”) bottles by Kirin.

One designer has recently discovered a recipe for success by combining minimalistic art with stationery, another thing Japan tends to do extremely well. The design, featuring rubber bands with tiny bows on them, hit the market earlier this month and is being praised for adding some creative flair to an otherwise boring, everyday object.

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Cat got your pen? It will with these adorable kitty-shaped stationery holders

Even if you’re happy to share your home or workspace with a cat, there are still certain boundaries you want to maintain. In the past we’ve looked at special products designed to keep your feline companion off your chair or keyboard, and to make sure everything stays tidy most people want their desk to stay cat-free as well. However, with this new line of kitty-shaped pencil stands you can have a whole team of organizational felines adorably holding everything in its proper place.

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Japanese artisan keeps traditional culture of yabumi alive with this adorable arrow letter set

From carrier pigeons to messages in bottles, there’s something uniquely appealing about using the forces of nature to carry a passage of prose between two human beings. With Japan’s long history of archery, messages once travelled through the air in the form of yabumi (lit. arrow text), a folded letter attached to an arrow that acted as a speedy delivery service between individuals or warring clans.

Sadly, the culture of yabumi dwindled and gradually disappeared as we moved slowly towards the world of much less dangerous (though sometimes just as impactful) emails and instant messaging. One traditional artisan is keeping the culture alive though, with a new letter set that contains everything you need to create your own yabumi, this time with adorable, user-friendly arrows.

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With new branded correction tape, you’ll be making mistakes on purpose!

The great thing about computers is how easy it is to fix your mistakes. Make a typo while writing an email? Just use the backspace key and you’re done! Much easier than using a pen and paper (ask your parents, kids) where you’d have to either start all over or grab some whiteout and leave the page an ugly mess.

While we can’t help you stop making mistakes, we can help you enjoy them more! With this new white-out tape from Sun Star, you can now hide your Freudian pen slips with donuts, hamburgers or even coffee!

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Attack on Titan fan entertains Twitter users with too-tiny-to-use Jean note tags

Characters from the hit anime and manga series Attack on Titan are here to stick around! In a recent collaboration with one of Japan’s major stationery makers, Pilot, nine popular characters made an appearance on adhesive note tags that come along with the purchase of the brand’s Neox Graphite mechanical pencil lead.

Fans of the franchise are no doubt happy to get their hands on Attack on Titan freebies, but there was one thing that bothered them slightly… the creators put so much attention on the characters that they left barely enough space on the adhesive notes to write a decent message. However, one creative fan found some entertaining ways to make use of the not-so-useful sticky notes!

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