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French artist alters Japanese street signs to make people “more observant”, police not impressed

Some rather peculiar, sticker-altered street signs have been popping up in Osaka or Kyoto over the last month. The eye-catching addendums are the work of French guerrilla artist Clet Abraham, who has done similar projects around the globe. While local residents are largely bemused, the police are not at all amused and are investigating whether charges can be filed.

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Manhole up! Local artist brings his creations to the streets

There are aspects of city life that people don’t want to draw attention to. Quick, what do you think of when you read “sewer”? Those who thought of the entrance to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles lair, we know what generation you’re from! Most likely though you thought of waste and sewage, something that every city probably wants you to ignore! Most places don’t want to draw attention to what is hidden underneath the manhole cover, but RocketNews24 has shown you before that Japan isn’t one of those countries. China on the other hand doesn’t have a custom sewer cover industry. Their billions of manhole covers are destined to be boring slabs of cast iron.

Or are they….???

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The street art at this year’s culture festival in Beijing will blow your mind

As part of The Fourth Qianmen Historical & Cultural Festival, the streets of China’s capital city have been transformed this month by a group of talented artists. Using the pavement and plain stone walls as canvases, the artists have produced an array of incredible 3-D paintings that is wowing both tourists and locals alike, with photos of the jaw-dropping work being shared all across Asia. Check out some of the coolest street art we’ve ever seen after the jump.

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