Japanese university students reveal the part-time jobs they’d most like to have

The top ten results show which companies appeal most to young students.

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Kyoto University students let loose at cosplay graduation ceremony【Photos】

From beer bottles to Pokémon and short-skirted anime girls, these Japanese students know how to celebrate their last day at university.

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Japanese high schoolers show off how their classes celebrate Valentine’s Day at school

Valentine’s Day is the one day in Japan when anime becomes real life.

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Cosplay like an angelic student in a winged Japanese schoolgirl uniform

With two colours to choose from, this is the most unique sailor uniform we’ve ever seen!

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Students recreate scene from Spirited Away at Japanese school festival

People all over Japan are falling in love with the drama and humour in this charming re-enactment.

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Junior high school in Japan introduces trial afternoon nap time for students

Requested by the students themselves, the afternoon siesta is designed to improve concentration levels and protect the environment.

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Roleplay as a Japanese student at classroom-themed izakaya, Rokunen Yonkumi

With themed rooms and waiters who act as teachers and nurses, you’ll never want to leave elementary school again!

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The harsh truth of being a Japanese graduate student in photographic glory

Sometimes our ideal is so far from the reality.

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Japanese confection maker offers students support with lucky four-leaf clover rice cakes!

Confectionary maker Suehiroan is hoping these daifuku rice cakes decorated with a four-leaf clover will provide encouragement for students taking entrance exams!

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Japanese reporter interviews college students to find out why anyone would study Japanese

Why do we love Japan so much? What drives us to obsess over its culture, language, food, and everything else? Why do we keep coming back day after day to read articles about a country that, for many of us, is on the other side of the planet? For some the answer is easy, but for others, not so much.

One group for whom foreigners’ love of Japan is especially difficult to comprehend is the Japanese people themselves. Many of them have no idea why so many of us would bother to take an interest in Japan, much less learn its intimidating language. In an effort to try to figure this out, one of our RocketNews24 Japanese writers who lives in England did some investigate journalism and interviewed three students studying Japanese at the University of Cambridge.

Do their reasons for loving Japan match yours? Read on to find out!

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Teacher at a Henan university continues to raise money for impoverished students

They say that the best teachers inspire students, but how about the teacher who is willing to stake their financial well-being on impoverished students? That’s exactly what a teacher at a Henan university is doing. He has raised a large sum of money and helped thousands of students all over China. His heart-warming story has been an inspiration to people all over the world and it proves that even a single person can make a difference in people’s lives.

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Teacher draws over students’ doodles to make red pen masterpieces

Remember those days in school when you just couldn’t focus on your school work, so instead of taking notes you doodled all over your papers? You’re not alone. Students all over the world scribble on their school supplies, much to the teachers’ dismay. Armed with a red pen, one teacher in Thailand has decided to fight back.

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“Terrible, amazing things my teacher said”: Tweets from the Japanese classroom

Did you used to think that your teachers all lived in the school on the weekends? Lots of kids are shocked to discover one day that their teachers have private lives, families, and even friends outside of school. This collection of tweets are all from Japanese students – whose sometimes-cynical, sometimes-exhausted, pretty-much-always-awesome professors probably just wanted to remind them that teachers are people too.

That’s right – it’s time for a snappy little segment which we’ll be entitling, in honour of its Japanese hashtag equivalent, “This devastatingly amazing thing my teacher just told me!”

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These awesome university dining hall breakfasts only cost 100 yen

When was the last time you spent 100 yen (US$.98) on breakfast and felt satisfied? Sure, your dollar menu Sausage McMuffin tasted good, but after hitting your stomach like a greasy, calorie-laden brick, did it really keep you going until lunch? I thought not. Prepare to be jealous (and perhaps say “OC desu!“) of the following parade of filling breakfasts purchased at Japanese university dining halls, each for an unbelievable 100 yen.

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Cosplay fever spreads to Hokkaido, students leave pants at home

Twitter user higedi (Ryūta Kitamura) racked up more than 10,000 retweets with this picture of incoming students who were refused entry to Hokkaido University’s entrance ceremony. The students are generally expected to wear formal clothes for the ceremony, so naturally they got out their best cardboard, body paint, and fundoshi (traditional Japanese underwear). That’s just one more way Ronald McDonald is unsettling.

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The Japanese universities where graduation is one giant cosplay party【Photos】

We’ve seen what can happen when high schools relax the rules for yearbook photos. Today, we bring you the Japanese anything-goes graduation! At the Kanazawa College of Art, graduating students can wear anything they want to the ceremony – and they certainly rise to the challenge.

The students’ epic outfits have become such a popular attraction that TV crews even turn up to find and interview the wearers of this year’s best costumes. The effort these students have put into their outfits is really something!

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Is Japan overworking its teachers? One exhausted educator says, “YES!”

Japan has a reputation for overworking its employees, though it’s hardly the only country! But when it comes to education, you’d expect Japanese teachers, whose students often score among the top in the world on standardized tests, to be solely focused on their classroom materials. But you might be wrong!

One public middle school teacher has recently gotten a ton of attention online for a blog post about her impossible-to-manage duties as a “club leader” and her desire to actually change occupations due to the intense schedule. Read about her experience and the intense reactions below.

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Japanese university seating plan meme submitted to web for approval

The internet is a vast ocean of small infographics, flow charts, and images with the aim to succinctly present the truths of life to the masses. However, not every clever doodle is worth being held in our hard drives to be pulled out during a relevant discussion later on. These images sink into the deep abyss of the internet ocean, only to be found when James Cameron finally gets a good enough sub.

Let’s watch as one humble netizen submits their typical Japanese university seating arrangement to others. Will the chart hit home with other students, or will it fall flat? First let’s look at an English translation of it.

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Kids these days don’t want to poop!

It’s a fact of life: everyone poops. And yet society seems to have evolved some sense of embarrassment over letting people know that you’ve dropped a stinky load. We try to assuage these issues with things like private bathroom stalls and air fresheners in public restrooms. In fact, toilets in Japan will often have automatic noise makers to mask any embarrassing sounds that might slip past your posterior.

And yet still, a recent study shows that more than half of Japanese school children refuse to go number two until after they’ve returned to the perfect privacy of their own homes! They’ll hold it for hours rather than respond to nature’s call, their embarrassment about bodily functions eventually causing them to become chronically constipated.

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Uphill both ways: Japanese kids weigh in on the difficulties of the past, adults just laugh

“Well, when I was a kid…” is often one of the worst things to hear someone begin a sentence with at a family gathering, isn’t it? Inevitably what follows is half-remembered, half-exaggerated grouching about how easy kids have it these days with their Cell Boys and Game Phones. Unless you’re starting to get old, like us, and then you’re the one grousing!

But either way, it’s been long-established that kids these days have it far too easy–so easy in fact that they can’t help feeling bad for their counterparts of days gone by. Curious as to what the current crop of children thought must have been worst about being a kid a long time ago, someone decided to conduct a survey! We’re sure it’s probably not scientifically accurate, but the results were almost as entertaining as the response on Twitter!

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