China Mobile Hands Out Free “Tablet Computers” to Attendees at Event

Everyone loves swag. Sometimes the free stuff we get at events is more exciting than the actual event itself. Better yet is when organizers pass out surprise complimentary gifts as you leave, making it feel like early Christmas or when Oprah hides the keys to a new Pontiac G6 in a mystery gift box under everyone’s seat.

However, rumor has it that the mystery gift boxes passed out to guests at the end of a conference held by Chinese state-owned telecommunication company China Mobile has inspired not feelings of joy, but of devestation.

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【TGS 2012】 Sega Invades Tokyo Game Show with Monster Bag, Dominates Show


Although it’s often easy to forget, what with all those games to be played and women in skimpy costumes to pretend not to be staring at, Tokyo Game Show, like every other trade show of its kind, is really all about one thing for the companies attending- advertising and self-promotion.

So when the games have been played, the doors have been closed and the booth girls are just lifeless still images on an otaku’s hard-disk, what remains? Why, of course, the freebies! The swag that seems like an amazing idea until you ride the train home with it and realise that, outside of the event setting with every other guy carrying the same junk, you look faintly ridiculous.

And TGS had it by the bucket-load.

But Sega, the house that built Sonic the Hedgehog and dozens of other gaming greats, pulled out all the stops this year, and, proving that size really does matter, absolutely dominated the show. Read More


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