Strawberry chocolate shrimp chips: For when you want sweets plus seafood and/or are pregnant

A week ago, we brought you news of how snack maker Calbee is pushing the potato chip with its gourmet, triple-thick slices of fried spuds. Potato chips are only one half of Calbee’s pincer attack on your salt-receptor taste buds, though, as the company also produces the phenomenally popular line of shrimp chips called kappa ebisen.

The extremely competitive nature of the Japanese junk food industry means that you have to keep innovating though, and sometimes in the process of pushing through existing boundaries, you end up in strange new places, which explains why Calbee is now selling shrimp chips covered with strawberry chocolate.

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Can’t choose between melon bread and ice cream? Have both at once at this Kanazawa bakery

The city of Kanzawa, the capital of Japan’s Ishikawa Prefecture, has long been an important center for traditional arts and aesthetics. Visitors flock to the town’s beautiful Kenroken Garden, as well as its preserved samurai and geisha quarters. Kanazawa has also long been a center for goldsmiths, due to the deposits of the precious metal that can be found in Ishikawa, and to this day produces a variety of objects covered in exquisite gold leaf.

Recently, though, Kanazawa is attracting attention for something just as desirable as gold in some people’s eyes: delicious ice cream-filled melon bread.

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We drink Japan’s spaghetti popsicle (seriously)

Don’t worry everybody, we’re fine. We didn’t suffer a stroke halfway through writing this article’s title, and the RocketNews24 offices haven’t been violently seized by half-literate chimpanzees with a penchant for prose (we make a protection payment of a bunch of bananas each week to the simian mafia to prevent just such a thing).

Spaghetti-flavored popsicles really do exist in Japan, though, and we decided to melt one down to see what would happen.

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Japanese schoolgirls celebrate birthdays like the Three Stooges with confectionaries to the face

Some of my cousins have a tradition where on their kids’ first birthday, they have two cakes. There’s a normal-sized one the whole family shares, but also a mini cake that they put in front of the tyke in his highchair for him to eat with his hands.

Cake being one of the few universally loved foods, the kid enjoys it, and the adults get a cute photo, plus a chuckle and a smile from the infant’s inherent innocence. But I always wondered, wouldn’t it be more fun to do that when you’re at an age where you can remember it?

Of course, most people old enough to not need diapers anymore would feel too self-conscious to celebrate their birthday with this kind of bare-handed confectionary decadence. So recently some Japanese high school girls, are taking it upon themselves to forcefully cram some sweets into their friends’ faces.

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252 Pocky lovers gather in Shibuya to set a world record 【Video】

Who hasn’t had a daydream about being the best in the world at something? Unfortunately, most of us have already missed our chance to set the Guinness World Record for youngest professional drummer, yet are still a couple decades away for breaking the mark for oldest competing gymnast.

Thankfully, there are accomplishments that aren’t age sensitive, such as the world record for longest relay of people feeding each other, which is exactly what a group of teamwork-minded snack food enthusiasts got together to attempt in Tokyo.

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McDonald’s Japan celebrates cherry blossom season with new cherry frappe and mocha drinks

With certain varieties of sakura trees already covered in pink blossoms, Japan has got cherry trees on the brain. Everyone is looking forward to go out and see the flowers that’ll only be here for a short time, but why settle for one Japanese tradition when you can have two by combining it with limited-availability fast food, in the form of cherry mochas and frappes from McDonald’s.

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These cat-laden sweets are too cute to eat…but we still want to!【Photos】

We’ve found the perfect snack to go with those cat marshmallow lattes! The best match for a cup of hot coffee or cocoa with a cute cat floating in it has to be hotcakes loaded with little wandering kitties! The best (or worst) part is, those cats aren’t just decorations, they’re completely edible! More pictures after the jump!

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A truly “epic” tart — this fabulous edible tribute to Kirby is almost too cute to eat!

Okay, if you haven’t guessed already, we admit that at RocketNews24, we’re extremely fond of tasty sweets, and we’ve featured in our past articles quite a few amazing creations by talented confectioners, from exquisite character-themed cakes to adorable Totoro macaroons. Now once again, we’ve found a magnificent piece of baked art that we just had to share with you. This time, it’s a tart inspired by the video game Kirby’s Epic Yarn, and we have to say, it’s one epic-looking treat!

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Attempt at cute Pokémon cakes fail to win our hearts, may have taken our souls

It’s hard to think of something with less potential for terror than cake. It tastes great. It’s soft enough that it can be chewed with no problems, meaning that like diapers and long afternoon naps, it’s something that both the extremely young and extremely old can equally appreciate.

You can even make cake more appealing by shaping it like loveable cartoon characters, like Pokémon’s eternal mascot Pikachu. Surely there’s no way that could result in a terrifying abomination, right?


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Did woman’s love of papayas and Chinese desserts make her breasts dangerously large?

If we surmise that the existence of breast augmentation surgery proves that at least some women out there want to increase their cup size, then add to this set every man (and zombie) on the planet, we can conclude that at any given moment, slightly over half of the world’s adult population is wishing women had bigger breasts.

However, many women are apprehensive of the risks involved with surgery or shady supplements that promise to increase breast-size. Thankfully, one woman in China may have found a more natural way to make your bust more bounteous. Unfortunately, at least one doctor says it may have been so effective it landed her in the hospital.

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Fish-shaped Japanese sweets: The most appetizing way to swallow a goldfish

Whoa, hold on a second here! It’s a well-known fact that the Japanese diet includes lots of fish. The country also has an undeniable sweet tooth, with legions of gourmets constantly searching for the next trendy dessert.

Could this photograph actually be fish gelatin, though?

Don’t worry, no one in Japan is finishing off their meal with a bite of candied fish. Instead, these are just fish candies.

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Tokyo café says the best ice cream topping is two more ice cream cones

Today, let’s take a moment to ponder a serious question: what’s the best sundae topping? The old stand-by of a dash of sprinkles? A handful of chopped nuts for a little crunch and texture? Or do you find the idea of all that empty-calorie decadence troubling enough that it threatens to ruin the fun, so your vote goes to a few pieces of fruit?

We say the correct answer is none of the above. For our money, the best way to crown your parfait is with a whole ice cream cone. Of course, some of our more sarcastic readers may ask, “Yeah, smart guy? Well then what do you put on top of the ice cream cone?”

Another ice cream cone, obviously. Did you even have to ask?

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Little witch Kiki and Little Mermaid Bakery bake three special pastries, we eat them all

The live-action Kiki’s Delivery Service is out now, and whether the movie should be judged on its own terms or if it can only be evaluated in comparison to the 1989 animated version is a matter of individual belief. One thing everyone can agree on, though, is that the new film will give you a craving for baked goods, as several scenes feature the breads and pastries made and sold by the bakery young witch Kiki boards at.

In anticipation of these cinema-induced hankerings, Little Mermaid, one of Japan’s largest and most popular bakery chains, has released an assortment of Kiki’s Delivery Service-themed goodies. As journalists (and hungry people), we were so excited that we decided to sample the whole lot.

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Super Mario taking on a new platform: candy!

One of Japanese confectionary maker Morinaga’s biggest hits is the Hi-Chew line. The soft, chewy candies come in a variety of fruit flavors, such as grape, strawberry, and green apple.

Morinaga also occasionally shakes things up with limited-edition flavors. Recently the special versions have been golden pineapple and pink grapefruit, but this month they’re joined by another unique offering, Super Mario Hi-Chews.

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French pastry maker celebrates Japanese culture with line of special éclairs

Although it hasn’t been that long since its first U.S. retail outlet opened, French gourmet food supplier Fauchon has had a presence in Japan since the early 1970s. The company is best known here for its line of high quality teas, but they also offer pastries to well-heeled shoppers with a sweet tooth in the dessert section of a number of upscale department stores.

After so many years of success in Japan, Fauchon has decided to tip its hat to the country by releasing a line of éclairs with decorations and ingredients inspired by Japanese culture.

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We don’t care about the calories, just give us our Gundam donuts!

Despite the traditional image of anime fans as couch potatoes whose consumption of junk food is only rivaled by their consumption of panty-flashing animation sequences, it’s only recently that gastronomy and Japanese animation have officially combined forces. Recently we heard about the giant, 10-patty Attack on Titan burger, but what if your tastes run less towards towering monsters and meat and more in the direction of giant robots and sweets?

If that’s the case, maybe you’d prefer a Gundam donut.

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Celebrate the release of live-action Kiki’s Delivery Service with these limited edition treats!

With the live-action version of Kiki’s Delivery Service set to hit cinemas in Japan on March 1, it’s time for the celebrations and tie-in promotions to commence! Japanese bakery chain, Little Mermaid, is one of the first to step up to the plate, paying homage to the movie with this collection of delightfully cute offerings. Available only for a limited time, the three new baked varieties are named in honour of Kiki, her black cat Jiji, and Ms Osono, Kiki’s mother-figure and resident baker. Can you guess which design is which?

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Tokyo confectioners create delicious sweets that look good enough to….wear?!

In some ways, stylish accessories and desserts aren’t so different. Just as no one actually needs more sugar and frosting in their diet, jewelry and brand-name bags don’t really perform any practical function.

Still, one can’t live by bread alone, and the occasional indulgence isn’t likely to ruin your health or bank balance. Choosing which way to reward yourself can be a tricky endeavor, however, which is why today we’re sharing four Tokyo confectioners where you can get sweets that look like high fashion.

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Move over itasha, here come itachoko – anime chocolates!

In recent years, itasha, cars emblazoned with admirably detailed yet painfully nerdy vinyl graphics inspired by anime and manga, have been getting more and more mainstream attention. But what if you’re not old enough to drive, or you just want to express your admiration for your favorite 2-D character without spending hundreds of dollars creating a car that your friends or date will be too embarrassed to ride in?

In that case, why not turn to the world of itachoko, chocolates decorated with anime character likenesses?

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Mint chocolate beer sounds great, but how does it taste? We find out

Every year at Valentine’s Day, a slew of limited-edition chocolates are rolled out in Japan, where following the local custom, women give gifts to men. Unfortunately, while there are indeed plenty of guys with a sweet tooth, few of them really want candies shaped like butterflies and rosebuds.

Thankfully, there are a handful of more masculine alternatives, such as the Final Fantasy chocolates we recently introduced you to. But you know what’s even more manly than a video game about a dude killing monsters with a giant sword while his hot martial artist girlfriend cheers him on? Booze. Which is why today we’re knocking back a mint chocolate beer.

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