What happens when a guy goes to a Japanese women’s swimsuit store and asks for their best bikini?

Japan has recently seen an increase in merchandise like “men’s bras” and “men’s panties” with designs that are practically the same as women’s versions. Which is all well and good, but it’s left us with one question: Why are we still separating men’s and women’s swimsuits?

While we suppose women probably can’t wear men’s swimsuits without Johnny Law giving them a citation or two, there’s nothing really stopping men from throwing on something like, say, a bikini. And that’s exactly what a writer from our Japanese site did! Take a trip to the beach with us and see how he liked his new swimwear!

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New crossover skirt Japanese school swimsuits are elegantly cute, available in adult sizes

During the swimming portion of their P.E. classes, students in Japan are required to wear what’s commonly referred to as a “school swimsuit.” In the case of girls, this means a black or dark blue one-piece, and while that’s less revealing than a bikini, some would still rather have something that covers a bit more of their legs.

Bringing to market an alternative is Japanese swimwear maker Footmark, which has just released this new skirted design that manages to be cute and stylish while still keeping its wearers’ hips and backside completely covered.

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This summer, Japanese gaming site Dengeki Online invites you to vote for the No. 1 beautiful girl game app character in a swimsuit!

There are 85 entries in all, from a total of 35 games and 22 companies. We’ve got beach cuties, busty babes, and goddess types, all waiting for your viewing pleasure. Even if you don’t have a thing for anime-style girls, you can at least admire the gorgeous artwork! Which character do you think looks the cutest in a swimsuit?

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Japanese Man Secretly Films Minors During Sexually Suggestive “Experiment,” Uploads Videos to YouTube 【Updated】

A series of three videos have been causing controversy on the Japanese internet for showing what seems to be voyeuristic footage of Japanese junior high school girls at a public pool being asked to use their hands to pump water from a bucket until it sprays out the end of a PVC pipe as part of an “experiment for a summer project.”

We’ve embedded the videos below but would like to warn viewers that they contain suggestive images of minors in bikinis. While there is no nudity, throughout most of the video, the camera is blatantly focused on the young girls’ bodies as they move their hands up and down with the pipe.

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Disturbing Japanese Amazon Customer Reviews: the Girl’s One-Piece Swimsuit

The Amazon.com product review section has become something a creative writing outlet for the witty and sarcastic. In the right hands, these hilarious parody reviews can actually helps boost sales of the product (for all the wrong reasons) or even turn it into an internet phenomenon.

Yet every once in awhile — and this applies to Japan in particular — there will be a product on Amazon with reviews that are so disturbing, you can only pray for the sake of humanity that they are an uncoordinated series of cruel jokes.

This navy blue girl’s one-piece swimsuit offered on Amazon Japan is one such product, and anyone familiar with the word hentai can probably guess why…

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Geeky Swimsuits Prove What We’ve Always Suspected: the Atari Falcon Looks Amazing on a Woman’s Body

Retro geeky is so in this summer.

Just take a look at this series of vintage electronics-inspired one piece swimsuits from Etsy, sexy enough to stroke the keys of all those beach-going geeks.

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