“Shogun sound” toilet hack covers the sound of your pooping with samurai battle cries【Video】

Cry “Havoc!” and let slip the poops of your butt.

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Japanese spray toilets receive new standardised symbols to help foreign tourists

These eight pictograms will be used from April to make functions easier to understand for toilet users.

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The Grind, the Tornado, and the Samurai – Video explains how to use Japanese toilet bidets【Video】

Don’t let the machines do all the work! Learn how to take control of your butthole’s destiny with these demonstrations.

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Crazy Japanese restroom makes you do a fighting game super move to flush the toilet

On a visit to this bathroom, a printed move list is just as important as toilet paper.

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Squat toilets’ popularity fading as parents call for them to be abolished in Japanese schools

The existence of the Japanese-style toilet in places of education may be circling the drain.

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We celebrate “Toilet Day” in Japan with a visit to a public toilet worth 100 million yen

With lavishly decorated gold-painted ceilings, a flowing brook and a Japanese style bridge, this is one of the most stylish places to do your business in Japan.

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To ask or not to ask: The etiquette and law of using convenience store restrooms in Japan

While the widespread presence of public toilets in convenience stores is great, it is also fraught with ambiguous customs and could, technically, even lead to criminal charges.

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Japanese sewage trucks now smell like chocolate

The new technology has been developed to help mask unpleasant odours.

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Japanese bookstore cafe wows customers with its unusual spy-like restroom

Using the amenities at this bookshop cafe means pulling back a shelf of books like a character from a spy movie.

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Japan’s new custom-order cat-theme toilet paper lets you wipe your butt with cuteness

Today’s reason to poop in Japan.

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Japan’s 48 Ways to Poop is here to uncork your colonic creativity 【Pictures】

They say variety is the spice of life, so this Japanese website is ready to add some piquancy to your Class 2 bathroom proceedings.

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W.T.F. Japan: Top 5 unique Japanese toilet functions【Weird Top Five】

These features will make you flush with excitement.

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Survey reveals disturbing statistics about if Japanese people wash hands after going to bathroom

Young women found to be surprisingly blasé about using soap.

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Use this Japanese-style toilet properly, or else “you are gonna fall down on s***”

Pardon my language, or actually this tourist center restroom poster’s language.

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8 Japanese gadgets you wish you had in your country!

The Japanese are known for being incredibly efficient, so you’d expect them to also have the most efficient gizmos. Today, we’re looking at eight Japanese gadgets that we’ve become so dependent on, we can’t live without them!

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Enjoy traditional views of Mt Fuji from your very own luxury toilet

Japanese toilets continue to lead the way with a new range of beautifully decorative models.

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A message from Japanese train station toilet paper: Don’t stare at your smartphone while walking

Earlier this year, nearly 1,200 rail stations in Japan chose to ban the use of selfie sticks in reaction to the dangers of users not paying attention to their surroundings and the general nuisance caused by the photo-snapping peripherals in crowded areas. Now, East Japan Railways, Japan’s largest train operator, is taking aim at another problem: people walking through the station while staring at their smartphones instead of watching where they’re going.

But while you can ban selfie sticks and only ruffle the feathers of tourists and other leisure-oriented train passengers, millions of people rely on their smartphones during their daily commute to keep in touch with family, coworkers, and clients. So instead of prohibiting them, East Japan Railways has started a campaign to remind people not to use their smartphones while walking, and the reminder is so gentle that you can put it in your butt.

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Open stall indicators, fresh flowers, and the superb cleanliness of a Japanese highway restroom

On long car trips in the U.S., I didn’t really find the prospect of using a highway rest stop bathroom significantly more appealing than just holding it until I got to my destination, whether that meant waiting until the next city or the next state. Honestly, given how filthy a lot of the public toilets were, I was generally happier with a deserted stretch of road or a grove of trees I could pull over near.

In Japan, though, it’s a different story, as this video of a rest stop bathroom shows it to be cleaner and classier than the one in many people’s homes.

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Tokyo schoolgirls invent eco and cost-friendly portable toilet for disaster relief【Video】

Although we explored public restrooms the world over in a previous article, we left out the fact that many refugees, natural disaster survivors, and other displaced people have no access to the modern plumbing many of us take for granted. For those living in areas where public toilets are unavailable, a trip to the bathroom is at best a chore, and at worst a major sanitary concern.

Luckily technological advances are being made in order to help remedy these problems, and so far 2015 has been a promising year in that regard. UK researchers and volunteers were able to successfully create an urine-powered outhouse, while over in Japan a high school girls’ volunteer club recently came up with a new economic and hygienic portable toilet option.

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What do toilets the world over look like? Check out this video to find out 【Video】

Love and music may not have borders, but neither do other universal concepts like the call of nature.

Although Japan is famous for its modern toilet technology (there’s even a museum now), many non-Eastern Asians are often taken aback when they visit the country and have their first encounter with the older, squatting kind. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they’re a staple in most Japanese schools, parks, and stations.

The fact that there’s such a gap in modern toilet technology got us curious about how toilet models and their degree of upkeep varies worldwide, and fortunately one brave soul has gone through the trouble of filming bathrooms across the globe to answer this very question.
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