Ramen-flavor cooking sauce now on sale from one of Japan’s favorite noodle chains

Tonkotsu ramen flavoring isn’t just for noodles anymore.

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“Mud-based Ramen” touted to have thickest broth in all of Japan

This ramen store is wowing customers with a broth so thick you can stand a spoon in it.

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Get your FREE RAMEN!! Hakata Ippudo offers complimentary ramen for one day on 30th anniversary

Ramen lovers in Japan will have something to be excited about this Friday, October 16. Popular ramen chain Hakata Ippudo is celebrating their 30th anniversary that day and will be offering complimentary bowls of ramen at 30 select locations. That’s right, we’re talking FREE RAMEN here, and come the 16th, we know there’ll be plenty of customers waiting for their bowl of steaming pork-broth noodles!

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