The wasabi you eat probably isn’t wasabi, according to new video from Japan

With beautiful images of pristine Japanese countryside, this clip explains why real wasabi is hard to find.

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5 things about Japanese customer service that surprise foreign visitors

In Japan, the customer is God, and sometimes that means going above and beyond to please with distinctive styles of service.

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Mix childhood memories with your drinks at awesome new ball pit bar in Japan

Hang out with the cool kids at Japan’s newest unusual drinking hole!

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Japanese ad campaign shows how to stop babies crying – by slurping udon noodles

These crying babies are immediately calmed by the sound of slurping, which is said to sound similar to noises heard in the womb.

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Tom Hanks visits Japan, blends in with oyaji at restaurant in Tokyo

Find out where the Hollywood movie star took this silly selfie after the break!

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Traditional guesthouse in Kyoto is like a beautiful samurai residence

Japanese visitors are falling in love with the gorgeous gardens and traditional rooms at this atmospheric inn.

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We visited the awesome Ninja Trick House in Tokyo!

Use a Japanese sword and throw shuriken stars like a ninja for less than ten bucks in the heart of Tokyo!

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Sleep with anime stars at this Akihabara capsule hotel for women

The new hotel caters to the desires of anime fans with a series of intimate capsules.

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The charm of ‘ITABEYA’ is attracting tourists and otaku alike

As soon as you enter the room in this guesthouse in Tokyo’s Azabujuban district, you’re bombarded with a flurry of quirky otaku cuteness; a genre otherwise known as ‘moe-kei’. From the bed sheets, to the walls, and even splayed across the ceiling is a whole array of busty anime girls in all their cutesy glory.

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The weird and wonderful things people leave behind on Japanese trains

Japan Rail has just released a list of the most rare and frequently lost items found on their trains, and when they’re most likely to find them.

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The pink glow of these Tokyo streets are like scenes from a stunning anime film

Transport yourself to a bustling, real-life anime world with this breathtaking photo collection.

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Japanese artist stumbles upon stunning scenic site at hidden shrine outside of Tokyo

The secluded site is enthralling people across Japan with its mysterious and untamed beauty.

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We visit Starbucks location in Japan that’s been called the most beautiful in the world

We paid a visit to the unusual location to find out what makes this the world’s most beautiful Starbucks.

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We catch up with world’s first Pokémon Go master, Nick Johnson, in Tokyo

He’s caught ’em all in the U.S., Europe, Hong Kong and Australia, and now we get to find out what the gamer’s been up to in Japan, the birthplace of Pokémon.

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Top 10 Japanese factory tours to keep you out of the heat this summer

With many offering free admission, these company and factory observation tours have earned a spot in the top ten according to travel website TripAdvisor.

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Live out Disney fantasies with the new “mermaid tour” experience in Japan

These gorgeous bikini-clad sirens reveal what’s in store for tourists, who can now dress and swim as mermaids in the pool this summer.
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Learn all about enjoying a traditional Japanese-style ryokan inn from this nine-minute video!

Wanting to visit Japan? Now there’s  an easy-to-follow English video guide on enjoying Japanese-style inns known as ryokan!

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Airbnb listing in Japan reveals travel destination with exclusive use of huge private island

Sleep in a traditional Japanese house while surrounded by rice paddies, beaches, tree-houses, zip lines and a lighthouse on your very own private island.

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Step into a magical spirit world at the Motomiya Festival at Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto

The Kyoto shrine famous for thousands of vermilion torii gates will spirit you away to a mystical world of beauty this weekend at its famous annual night-time festival.
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Foreigners reveal photos they take of Japan on their phones while on holiday

From whacky, head-scratching sights to mysterious places of exotic beauty, this video clip reveals Japan through the eyes of travelling foreigners.

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