Mini-mania! Real Japanese food, but in hamster-sized portions 【Video】

We see a lot of unusual things here at RocketNews24, coming in all shapes and sizes, but there is always a little squeal in our hearts when we find a miniature version of…anything. We’ve talked about mini-bonsai, mini-theater seats, mini-books, mini ninja houses, and of course the hamster that tends his own tiny bar. But none of these mini-parties are enough; there needs to be some mini-food! Better yet, how about some tiny food made with real ingredients! It’s time to break out your miniature kitchen sets!

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Costco may just have turned your childhood fantasy into reality — with a 93-inch stuffed bear!

Did you as a child ever fantasize about snuggling up to a soft stuffed toy bigger than your wildest dreams? I certainly did! (Heck, a part of me probably still does even now, when I’m old enough to be on the wrong side of … never mind, I really shouldn’t go there, should I?) So, anyway, for anyone who’s ever had an interest in cute stuffed toys, international retailer and warehouse club chain Costco brings you this amazing plush bear that’s larger than life – the 93-inch (2.36m) HugFun Bear! That’s right, he’s absolutely HUGE, and if the idea of a giant teddy bear hasn’t already won you over, they’ve even made a darling video which is guaranteed to melt your heart. Just take a look and see if you don’t fall utterly in love! And lucky for us, the bear happens to be available in Japan too!

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The world’s smallest remote-controlled helicopter is impossibly cute, yours to buy in December

At just 46mm (1.8 inches) long, the Pico-Falcon claims to be the world’s smallest remote-controlled helicopter. Produced by Japanese toy maker Bandai’s subsidiary CCP, this adorable little thing will go on sale on December 5. Just look at how it sits on the fingers!

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More than meets the eye, sushi in disguise! Check out these transforming sushi toys!

Your mother probably scolded you for playing with your food at the dinner table, but here’s one of the few times you’ll be able to get away with it! Introducing transforming sushi toys from Takara Tomy. Now, instead of playing with a floppy piece of asparagus (how’s that supposed to stand up to the forces of evil anyway?), you can play with these pieces of super robot fighting sushi. Just don’t try to take a bite out of them!

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For kids only — Mister Donut and Miffy collaboration gives you cute doughnuts on wheels!

Now, we’re sure that kids (and adults too for that matter) are perfectly happy to have tasty doughnuts even without the promise of a bonus toy. But this summer, Mister Donut Japan has made sure that kids have an extra incentive to visit the doughnut chain —  in the form of original toys featuring the internationally popular rabbit character Miffy! Yes, starting this week while supplies last, Mister Donut is offering two types of adorable Miffy donut toys as a bonus item that comes with a Kid’s Set. The only catch is, well, it’s a Kid’s Set, so you have to be a kid to order one …

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Yo-Kai Watches selling out everywhere, resourceful kids and parents make their own instead

Japan doesn’t have the hectic Christmas shopping season of adults head-locking and price-gouging each other for the season’s hot toy. Still, every once in a while an item gets so huge that a sudden rush can break out at any time of the year.

This time it’s Yo-Kai Watches from the manga/game/anime series Yo-Kai Watch that are flying off the shelves. These watches don’t tell time unless it just happens to be 2:53 when you look at them, but that isn’t stopping people from lining up by the hundreds and shops from charging exorbitant prices for one. However, when the going gets tough, the tough get creative and fashion their own Yo-Kai Watches out of whatever is available.

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The next must-have item for game fans: Adorable stackable Kirbys!

Now, we’ve previously seen Kirby from the famous game series presented in various adorable forms, even as an amazingly elaborate and tasty-looking tart, but after seeing pictures of this soon-to-be-released Kirby product, we just can’t get over how cute he looks — as stackable figures! He’s so cute, in fact, that as cheesy as it may sound, we can hardly resist the temptation to shout, “You’re an absolute STAR, Kirby!” Read More

Accessorize your aquarium: New sparkly fish tank for kids comes with jewels and plenty of pink

“Add a lot of cute decorations to the room we’re staying in!” says the blue goldfish with a matching blue tiara. No this isn’t a joke; uncommonly cute anthropomorphic goldfish are just a part of the marketing campaign for a completely customizable fish tank aimed at young children in Japan. With a fancy backdrop and jewels galore, it’s a far ways away from the plastic aquatic plant or bubbling clam shell in typical aquariums.

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Finally! Vibrating animal butt charms on sale!

Hey, do you like animal butts? What am I saying, of course you do! Unfortunately, animals are wily and occasionally dangerous making it hard to get your hands on their rear ends.

That’s why (we guess) Tenyu has released Oppoppo, a collection of six animal butt simulation devices that are portable and can easily attach to your gym bag, key chain, or belt buckle!

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Tamagotchi is back!!! My 8-year-old self rejoices!

I remember the days of Tamagotchi (and the far less cool NanoPet) and how our teachers always struggled to keep us from feeding or picking up after our little digital creatures during class. The Japanese gadget was a hit with us 90s kids and will forever be one of the coolest toys of our childhood. And now, Bandai is back with a new version of Tamagotchi. But this new installment of the portable digital pet, called Tamagotchi Friends, has a new social media twist.

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Videos of the first four Happy Meal Marios from McDonald’s Japan!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: McDonald’s Japan has the best Happy Meal toys. In case you haven’t heard, the fast food chain created Mario toys for their “Happy Set” kids meals and they’re awesome. Lucky for those abroad, Japanese fans of the franchise have already uploaded videos of their McDonald’s Happy Meal Marios (say that five times fast). Take a look at just a few!

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This year’s Mario Christmas Happy Meal in Japan is the best!

Kids nowadays have it rough. Sure, they have the Internet, sophisticated video games, and more electronics than fingers, but their McDonald’s Happy Meal toys are awful. I remember the days when you’d get a quality, hard-plastic toy that would withstand anything your imagination could throw at it. Now it’s half-heartedly put together pieces of garbage that are strewn alongside your mini pouch of fries (or apple slices if your mom isn’t cool). But in Japan, everything is different, especially this Christmas. Not only do you get a toy that blows all other modern day Happy Meal toys out of the water, your entire meal comes in a real cardboard golden arches box, just like old times. Read More

“Oh, I remember those!” Getting nostaligic about old toys with Japanese netizens

If you’re of a certain age, born anywhere between the early 80s and 90s, there’s a range of toys that just explode in your brain with raw nostalgia. We’re sure this is true for every generation, but those late 80s/early 90s toys just have something special about them. Whether is was their awkward use of new technology or absurd coloring schemes, we can’t deny just how cool they seemed when we were little kids!

What we were surprised to see, though, was just how many of those toys and games were also available in Japan! So come with us on a trip down memory lane and find if your favorite childhood distractions made the list, and discover just how many of these things kids in Japan were also completely enamoured with.

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New undulating sea anemone toy from Japan will have you staring for hours

From the makers of Goal!Goal!Goal! Bank and a wind-up shrimp toy comes a sea anemone for the home. Ieginchaku, a delightful play on words utilizing ie, the Japanese word for “house” and isoginchaku, the word for “sea anemone,” is a little toy/conversation piece that not only resembles those koosh balls you used to chuck at your sister, it moves on its own and comes with little plastic fish! Need a little more convincing before rushing out to buy this product? Take a look at the promotional video; the Ieginchaku really has to be seen in action to be fully appreciated.

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Talented artists turn children’s drawings into one-of-a-kind toys

Kids love to draw anything from the pet dog to fantastical purple unicorns. Now, thanks to creative artists from Canada, Hungary, Brazil, Portugal, and other places around the world, those doodles are brought to life and made into unique plush toys. The following photos are currently delighting Japanese netizens; take a look at some of the lovable and at times disturbing toys that are unbelievably similar to the creative drawings that inspired them.

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Cuddle up with a giant squid plush toy and other inky goods from NHK

In a joint effort between NHK and the National Museum of Nature and Science in Tokyo, an international team of scientists was assembled in a quest to be the first to photograph the elusive giant squid in its natural habitat. Their search was made into an NHK special documentary titled, “World’s first photographing! Deep sea giant squid” and was broadcasted in Japan this past January. After its airing, giant squids quickly became a popular topic of conversation among viewers.

In celebration of the documentary’s success, NHK has created a line of giant squid goods. From smartphone cases to squid ink cookies to pencil pouches in the shape of giant squid, there are almost too many tentacles for sale.

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Nine-Patty Evangelion Cheeseburger has a 0.00001% Chance of Failing to Fill You Up (3D Photos)

The most recent theatrical installment of the long-running anime series Evangelion was released on Blu-ray and DVD on April 24. While it’s official English title is Evangelion: 3.33 You Can (Not) Redo, the film has a completely different Japanese title, Evangelion Theatrical Version: Q. Because if there’s one thing creators Studio Gynax hate, it’s giving a definitive answer on anything related to their mega-hit franchise.

But if there’re two things Gynax hates, the second is passing up a merchandising opportunity for Eva (as the fans call it), which is where the Evangelion Q cheese burger comes in with its nine patties.

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Multifunctional iPhone Powered Smart Stuffed Domo-kun to be Released

Japan is to mascots what Broadway is to theatre or what France is to bicycle racing, and in Japan the Phantom of the Opera or [*name removed*] of mascots has got to be Domo-kun (simply “Domo” in other countries).

From his humble beginnings as a mascot for Japan’s national broadcaster he has achieved international notoriety and an ever expanding line of merchandise. Now, iPhone holding Domo fans may rejoice with the upcoming release of the cute and useful “iPhone Supported Smart Stuffed Toy: iDomo-kun.”

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“Miracle Ball” Ensures You Will Bend it Like Beckham Every Time

From Bandai, makers of such products as iPhone underpants and half dog, half smartphone hybrids comes a “miracle ball” that allows even the worst soccer player to put some spin on their shot.

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Go Fly a Kite?! Not Any More! With Homekite You Can Stay Right Where You Are

Picture the typical family, if you will. One Sunday afternoon, Junior runs into the den and asks Pa to go kite-flying together.  “Not today, Junior”, said Pa, “It’s just not windy enough.”

Junior walks back to his room and plays Grand Theft Auto, sullenly killing policemen with a sniper rifle.  Even though he got 15 headshots in a row, his heart just wasn’t in it.  Once again Mother Nature had ruined his true passion – kites.

This tragic scene plays out in homes across the kite-loving world.  So the brain trust at Takara Tomy came up with Homekite, the first (I’m guessing) kite to be used in the home.

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