Japanese women’s breasts continue to grow, reach historic tipping point in lingerie maker’s study

Intimate apparel manufacturer releases newest volume of Lingerie White Paper.

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Age is no barrier to beauty when you feel comfortable in your own skin.

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Japan’s 54-year-old lingerie model is turning heads of multiple generations in new ads 【Video】

They don’t call her the “Eternal Idol” for nothing.

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Japan’s breasts are bigger than ever, according to lingerie maker’s sales study

When you’re dealing with measurable data, it’s a good to look not at just the current conditions, but at historical trends as well. This is especially true for important scientific and sociological issues. Are pollution levels rising or falling? Has the number of people who live below the poverty line increased or decreased?

Are Japanese women’s breasts getting larger or smaller?

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Japanese lingerie maker’s concept bra will give you pep talks, help you take perfect selfies

Usually, lingerie maker Triumph International Japan takes about half a year between announcing its innovative and unusual concept bras. So since it’s been about six months since we saw the company’s paired Close Sisters Bras, we figured the its next design highlighting a social trend was just about due.

Sure enough, this week Triumph showed off its newest creation: a bra that’ll give you verbal pep talks and also help you snap selfies.

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