Tsukiji alternative – Tokyo has a second fish market, and it turns out it’s awesome too

It may not be as famous, but it’s actually the only seafood-exclusive wholesale market in Tokyo.

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Tokyo confectioner’s Japanese-style seasonal chocolates look beautiful enough to decorate with

Motifs and ingredients connect with Japanese culture’s appreciation of all four seasons.

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This Tokyo sushi restaurant is so good that we’d eat there every day if we could

If only we lived in Tsukiji

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Beef bowl chain Yoshinoya’s historic first store to close, special countdown site launched!

Yoshinoya’s very first store in Tsukiji will be closing later this year, and their tribute website offers plenty of nostalgic content, including some awesome videos!

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Shockingly huge, exquisite egg sandwiches found in Tokyo

“Shocking” and “exquisite” aren’t normally words used to describe an egg sandwich but we think we found one that fits the bill.

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A visit to Sushi Dai, Japan’s best sushi restaurant according to world travelers

A portion of Tokyo’s world-famous Tsukiji Fish Market is expected to move to the Toyosu neighborhood in 2016. While part of the retail market and many restaurants will be sticking around, the upcoming relocation of the wholesale operations makes 2015 the last full year to enjoy Tsukiji as the absolute center of the sushi world.

In other words, if you’re looking to make a trip to the area to see it at its peak, now’s the time. And while there’s always something to be said for discovering a largely unknown restaurant with delicious food, on our Japanese-language correspondent Nakano’s visit to Tsukiji, he decided to dine at what travelers have voted the best sushi restaurant in Japan, Sushi Dai.

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