Japan’s cosplaying Twin Idols look exactly alike, but not entirely because of their DNA

Even for identical twins, keeping up the resemblance sometimes requires a little help, especially when one of you makes a big change.

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Twin K-pop backup dancers are as eye-catching at the groups they dance for 【Pics, Video】

Fans are adamant that these twins should be at the forefront of the Korean idol world.
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Dancing twins MakoMina get a spot in Japanese mobile carrier’s latest ad【Video】

A couple of years ago it was all about twin outfit fashion, but now the country’s gone gaga for real twins, most notably MakoMina and their cute dance moves.

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Thai family throws extravagant wedding for their three-year-old twins【Video】

Growing up with brothers and sisters can be bad enough sometimes, but what if “playing nice” meant having to tie the knot? If you’re a twin in Thailand, it could happen!

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Baby-daddy drama: Pair of twins in China found to have different fathers

Twins, triplets, and even more multiple births are a natural occurrence, made even more common in recent years thanks to the increasing use of fertility drugs. While I’m sure we can all think of a couple of famous identical twins, not all multiples look alike – some can even be different genders – but it’s generally expected that both (or all) of the children have the same parents. But as one daddy in China is finding out, this isn’t always the case!

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People of the world, brace yourselves: Mr. Sato… has a twin!

You’ve seen his antics on our pages for years now, and he’s always our go-to guy when there’s a mission that the rest of us simply aren’t brave enough to undertake. We’re talking, of course, about our loveable, adventurous, charming, sometimes frightening in-house reporter Mr. Sato.

But did you know, dear reader, that Mr. Sato actually has a twin brother!? Just look at that photo–we bet you’d struggle to say which of the two is our reporter and which is the brother!

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